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The work done this year about Colored Object Programming concerns the conceptual level, a brand new montonic linearization algorithm and an investigation done at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) with Professor Wegmann.

Concerning the first aspect, we clearly separated the concept of multidimensional objects from the visual formalism used to represent them ; we also pinpointed the most important bringings of our proposal (e.g. automatic synthesis of global class graphs, pure declarativeness, adjectival properties handling) and the way they reinforce each other.

The second aspect of our work concerns a monotonic algorithm, producing the same results than the DHHM incremental algorithm. It is a traversal algorithm, though. In its basic form, given a pure lattice, it builds a tree and traverses it in post-order. A typology of hierarchies (three types) has been set up : the linearization of a hierarchy of a second (resp. third) type can be transformed into the linearizations of several hierarchies of the first (resp. second) type.

The third aspect of our work is more strategic (industrial impact). A likely option consists in attaching our work to U.M.L. and/or OPEN.