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The AID research group of the ex-SECOIA project (CERMICS) is concerned in AI methods and techniques in order to support complex problem solving situations. This group studies knowledge representation and reasoning mechanisms, mainly in order to support knowledge management and cooperative work in design activities (faisability, simulation, decision-making, prototyping...).

Our two main goals are: research on the problem of « viewpoint » in Computer Science and in cooperative problem solving and secondly study of the reuse of cases (design cases, any old experience).

The main research in 96 concerns the elaboration of an analysis model of correlations between viewpoints and its formalization in an object-oriented model, an analysis of « design groupware », a study of different types of objects in CAD and finally case-based reasoning.

Based on this research, we have pursued the specification of a toolbox based on the notion of « viewpoint » and supporting the design of knowledge/information systems (technical memory or enterprise memory on Intranet for example) and also the information/knowledge retrieval/reuse/navigation and evaluation. The information could be in the process of production or relate to some past projects. Our goal is to build or to retrieve partially the interpretation context in order to make the information intelligible and to increase their reusability.

In short term, we wish to implement in Java the components of our toolbox related to ``reuse according to the user viewpoint'' and apply them in two domains: 1/ control of dynamic systems 2/ document navigation/retrieval/reuse on internet/intranet.

In long term, we want to inplement and apply the components which support the confrontation and the correlation of viewpoints in order to facilitate the cooperative work.

Keywords: viewpoint, correlation, case-based reasoning, classification, qualitative reasoning, design, Web, Intranet, Internet, reuse, indexation, research, information extraction, documents, knowledge, ontology, technical memory, enterprise memory, cooperation, distributed artificial intelligence, CSCW, concurrent engineering, groupware, cooperative system.

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