Team, Visitors, External Collaborators
Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

Institut de Convergence Agriculture numérique #DigitAg, (2017-2023), 275Keuro.

Participants : Alexis Joly, Florent Masseglia, Esther Pacitti, Christophe Pradal, Patrick Valduriez.

#DigitAg brings together in a partnership of seventeen actors (public research and teaching organizations, transfer actors and companies) with the objective of accelerating and supporting the development of agriculture companies in France and in southern countries based on new tools, services and uses. Based in Montpellier with an office in Toulouse and Rennes and led by Irstea, #DigitAg's ambition is to become a world reference for digital agriculture. In this project, Zenith is involved in the analysis of big data from agronomy, in particular, plant phenotyping and biodiversity data sharing.

ANR WeedElec (2018-2021), 106 Keuro.

Participants : Julien Champ, Hervé Goëau, Alexis Joly.

The WeedElec project offers an alternative to global chemical weed control. It combines an aerial means of weed detection by drone coupled to an ECOROBOTIX delta arm robot equipped with a high voltage electrical weeding tool. WeedElec's objective is to remove the major related scientific obstacles, in particular the weed detection/identification, using hyperspectral and colour imaging, and associated chemometric and deep learning techniques.


Pl@ntNet InriaSOFT consortium, 80 Keuro / year

Participants : Alexis Joly, Jean-Christophe Lombardo, Julien Champ, Hervé Goëau.

This contract between four research organisms (Inria, INRA, IRD and CIRAD) aims at sustaining the Pl@ntNet platform in the long term. It has been signed in November 2019 in the context of the InriaSOFT national program of Inria. Each partner subscribes a subscription of 20K euros per year to cover engineering costs for maintenance and technological developments. In return, each partner has one vote in the steering committee and the technical committee. He can also use the platform in his own projects and benefit from a certain number of service days within the platform. The consortium is not fixed and is not intended to be extended to other members in the coming years.

Ministry of Culture, 130 Keuro

Participants : Alexis Joly, Jean-Christophe Lombardo.

Two contracts have been signed with the ministry of culture to adapt, extend and transfer the content-based image retrieval engine of Pl@ntNet ("Snoop") toward two major actors of the French cultural domain: the French National Library (BNF) and the French National institute of audio-visual (INA).

INRA/Inria PhD program, 100 Keuro

Participant : Alexis Joly.

This contract between INRA and Inria allows funding a 3-years PhD student (Christophe Botella). The addressed challenge is the large-scale analysis of Pl@ntNet data with the objective to model species distribution (a big data approach to species distribution modeling). The PhD student is supervised by Alexis Joly with François Munoz (ecologist, IRD) and Pascal Monestiez (statistician, INRA).