Team, Visitors, External Collaborators
Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Application Domains

Safety-Critical Software

The application domains we target involve safety-critical software, that is where a high-level guarantee of soundness of functional execution of the software is wanted. Currently our industrial collaborations or impact mainly belong to the domain of transportation: aerospace, aviation, railway, automotive.

Transfer to aeronautics: Airbus France

Development of the control software of Airbus planes historically includes advanced usage of formal methods. A first aspect is the usage of the CompCert verified compiler for compiling C source code. Our work in cooperation with Gallium team for the safe compilation of floating-point arithmetic operations [2] is directly in application in this context. A second aspect is the usage of the Frama-C environment for static analysis to verify the C source code. In this context, both our tools Why3 and Alt-Ergo are indirectly used to verify C code.

Transfer to the community of Atelier B

In the former ANR project BWare, we investigated the use of Why3 and Alt-Ergo as an alternative back-end for checking proof obligations generated by Atelier B, whose main applications are railroad-related The transfer effort continues nowadays through the FUI project LCHIP.

ProofInUse joint lab: transfer to the community of Ada development

Through the creation of the ProofInUse joint lab ( in 2014, with AdaCore company (, we have a growing impact on the community of industrial development of safety-critical applications written in Ada. See the web page for a an overview of AdaCore's customer projects, in particular those involving the use of the SPARK Pro tool set. This impact involves both the use of Why3 for generating VCs on Ada source codes, and the use of Alt-Ergo for performing proofs of those VCs.

The impact of ProofInUse can also be measured in term of job creation: the first two ProofInUse engineers, D. Hauzar and C. Fumex, employed initially on Inria temporary positions, have now been hired on permanent positions in AdaCore company. It is also interesting to notice that this effort allowed AdaCore company to get new customers, in particular the domains of application of deductive formal verification went beyond the historical domain of aerospace: application in automotive ( cyber-security (, health (artificial heart,

Extension of ProofInUse joint lab

The current plans for continuation of the ProofInUse joint lab ( include extension at a larger perimeter than Ada applications. We started to collaborate with the TrustInSoft company ( for the verification of C and C++ codes, including the use of Why3 to design verified and reusable C libraries (ongoing CIFRE PhD thesis). We also started to collaborate with Mitsubishi Electric in Rennes ( for a specific usage of Why3 for verifying embedded devices (logic controllers).

Generally speaking, we believe that our increasing industrial impact is a representative success for our general goal of spreading deductive verification methods to a larger audience, and we are firmly engaged into continuing such kind of actions in the future.