Team, Visitors, External Collaborators
Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Grants with Industry

CIFRE contract with TrustInSoft company

Participants : Guillaume Melquiond [contact] , Raphaël Rieu-Helft.

Jointly with the thesis of R. Rieu-Helft, supervised in collaboration with the TrustInSoft company, we established a 3-year bilateral collaboration contract, that started in October 2017. The aim is to design methods that make it possible to design an arbitrary-precision integer library that, while competitive with the state-of-the-art library GMP, is formally verified. Not only are GMP's algorithm especially intricate from an arithmetic point of view, but numerous tricks were also used to optimize them. We are using the Why3 programming language to implement the algorithms, we are developing reflection-based procedures to verify them, and we finally extract them as a C library that is binary-compatible with GMP [9] [67] [33].