Team, Visitors, External Collaborators
Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

Nokia Bell Labs - ADR SAPIENS

Several researchers of SUMO are involved in the joint research lab of Nokia Bell Labs France and Inria. We participate in the common research team SAPIENS (Smart Automated and Programmable Infrastructures for End-to-end Networks and Services), previously named “Softwarization of Everything.” This team involves several other Inria teams: Convecs, Diverse and Spades. SUMO focuses on the management of reconfigurable systems, both at the edge (IoT based applications) and in the core (e.g. virtualized IMS systems). In particular, we study control and diagnosis issues for such systems.

Two PhD students are involved in the project. Erij Elmajed (3rd year), on the topic of Diagnosis of virtualized and reconfigurable systems supervised by Éric Fabre and Armen Aghasaryan (Nokia Bell Labs). Abdul Majith (started in January 2019) on Controller Synthesis of Adaptive Systems, supervised by Hervé Marchand, Ocan Sankur and Dinh Thai Bui (Nokia Bell Labs).

Orange Labs

SUMO takes part in IOLab, the common lab of Orange Labs and Inria, dedicated to the design and management of Software Defined Networks. Our activities concern the diagnosis of malfunctions in virtualized multi-tenant networks.

This collaboration supports one Cifre PhD student, Sihem Cherrared (2nd year), supervised by Éric Fabre, Gregor Goessler (Inria Spades, Grenoble) and Sofiane Imadali (Orange Labs).

Alstom Transport - P22

Several researchers of SUMO are involved in the joint research lab of Alstom and Inria, in a common research team called P22. On Alstom side, this joint research team involves researchers of the ATS division (Automatic Train Supervision). The objective of this joint team is to evaluate regulation policies of urban train systems, to assess their robustness to perturbations and failures, to design more efficient regulation policies and finally to provide decision support for human regulators. The P22 project between Alstom and Inria ended in 2018. However, our collaboration with Alstom Transport continues. One of the outcomes of this collaboration is the PhD defense of Karim Kecir in July 2019 [2].

Mitsubishi Electric Research Center Europe (MERCE)

Several researchers of SUMO are involved in a collaboration on the verification of real-time systems with the "Information and Network Systems (INS)" Team led by David Mentré of the "Communication & Information Systems (CIS)" Division of MERCE Rennes. The members of the team at MERCE work on different aspects of formal verification. Currently the SUMO team and MERCE jointly supervise a Cifre PhD student (Emily Clément) funded by MERCE since fall 2018; the thesis is about robustness of reachability in timed automata. Moreover Reiya Noguchi, a young engineer, member of MERCE, on leave of a Japanese operational division of Mitsubishi is also hosted and co-supervised by the SUMO team since the beginning of 2019, one day per week; we collaborate with him on the consistency of timed requirements.