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New Results
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Publications of the year

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

M. Barkatou, S. Maddah.
Formal solutions of singularly-perturbed linear differential systems, in: Journal of Symbolic Computation, September 2019, vol. 94, pp. 183-209. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.jsc.2018.08.003 ]
J. P. Bell, F. Chyzak, M. Coons, P. Dumas.
Becker's conjecture on Mahler functions, in: Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 2019, vol. 372, pp. 3405–3423, In press, forthcoming. [ DOI : 10.1090/tran/7762 ]
A. Bostan, T. Krick, A. Szanto, M. Valdettaro.
Subresultants of (x-α)m and (x-β)n, Jacobi polynomials and complexity, in: Journal of Symbolic Computation, 2019, forthcoming. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.jsc.2019.10.003 ]
A. Bostan, A. Marynych, K. Raschel.
On the least common multiple of several random integers, in: Journal of Number Theory, November 2019, vol. 204, pp. 113–133, [ DOI : 10.1016/j.jnt.2019.03.017 ]
F. Chapoton, A. Bostan.
A note on gamma triangles and local gamma vectors, in: Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse. Mathématiques., 2019,, forthcoming.
P. Lairez.
Rigid continuation paths I. Quasilinear average complexity for solving polynomial systems, in: Journal of the American Mathematical Society, 2019, forthcoming.
A. Mahboubi, G. Melquiond, T. Sibut-Pinote.
Formally Verified Approximations of Definite Integrals, in: Journal of Automated Reasoning, February 2019, vol. 62, no 2, pp. 281-300. [ DOI : 10.1007/s10817-018-9463-7 ]

International Conferences with Proceedings

A. Bostan, X. Caruso, G. Christol, P. Dumas.
Fast Coefficient Computation for Algebraic Power Series in Positive Characteristic, in: ANTS-XIII - Thirteenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium, Madison, United States, R. Scheidler, J. Sorenson (editors), Proceedings of the Thirteenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS–XIII), Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2019, vol. 2, no 1, pp. 119-135, [ DOI : 10.2140/obs.2019.2-1 ]
S. Covanov, D. Mohajerani, M. Moreno Maza, L. Wang.
Big Prime Field FFT on Multi-core Processors, in: ISSAC 2019 - International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, Pékin, China, July 2019.
P. Lairez, M. Mezzarobba, M. Safey El Din.
Computing the volume of compact semi-algebraic sets, in: ISSAC 2019 - International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, Beijing, China, ACM, July 2019,

Other Publications

V. Andrejić, A. Bostan, M. Tatarevic.
Improved algorithms for left factorial residues, December 2019, - working paper or preprint.
A. Bostan, A. Elvey-Price, A. J. Guttmann, J.-M. Maillard.
Stieltjes moment sequences for pattern-avoiding permutations, December 2019, working paper or preprint.
A. Bostan, T. Rivoal, B. Salvy.
Explicit degree bounds for right factors of linear differential operators, July 2019, - working paper or preprint.
A. Bostan, J. Tirrell, B. W. Westbury, Y. Zhang.
On sequences associated to the invariant theory of rank two simple Lie algebras, December 2019, working paper or preprint.
C. Boutillier, K. Raschel, A. Bostan.
Martin boundary of killed random walks on isoradial graphs, December 2019, Avec un appendice d'Alin Bostan.
F. Chyzak, F. Nielsen.
A closed-form formula for the Kullback-Leibler divergence between Cauchy distributions, December 2019, - 8 pages.
G. Fayolle.
A note on the connection between product-form Jackson networks and counting lattice walks in the quarter plane, January 2020, working paper or preprint.
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