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Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


Outils informatisés d’aide au Diagnostic des Maladies mentales

2019 - 2022

Coordinator: Maxime Amblard

Participants: Maxime Amblard, Vincent-Thomas Barrouillet, Samuel Buchel, Amandine Lecomte, Chuyuan Li, Michel Musiol


ODiM is an interdisciplinary project, at the interface of psychiatry-psychopathology, linguistics, formal semantics and digital sciences. It aims to replace the paradigm of Language and Thought Disorders (LTD) as used in the Mental Health sector with a semantic-formal and cognitive model of Discourse Disorders (DD). These disorders are translated into pathognomonic signs, making them complementary diagnostic tools as well as screening for vulnerable people before the psychosis's trigger. The project has three main components.

The work is based on real data from interviews with patients with schizophrenia. A data collection phase in partner hospitals and with a control group, consisting of interviews and neuro-cognitive tests, is therefore necessary.

The data collection will allow the development of the theoretical model, both in psycholinguistic and semantic formalization for the identification of diagnostic signs. The success of such a project requires the extension of the analysis methodology in order to increase the model's ability to identify sequences with symptomatic discontinuities.

If the general objective of the project is to propose a methodological framework for defining and understanding diagnostic clues associated with psychosis, we also wish to equip these approaches by developing software to automatically identify these clues, both in terms of discourse and language behaviour.