Team, Visitors, External Collaborators
Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Publications of the year

International Conferences with Proceedings

N. Anquetil, A. Etien, G. Andreo, S. Ducasse.
Decomposing God Classes at Siemens, in: International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME), Cleveland, United States, October 2019.
J. Delplanque, S. Ducasse, G. Polito, A. P. Black, A. Etien.
Rotten Green Tests, in: ICSE 2019 - International Conference on Software Engineering, Montréal, Canada, May 2019.
J. Delplanque, S. Ducasse, O. Zaitsev.
Magic Literals in Pharo, in: IWST19 - International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies Cologne, Köln, Germany, August 2019.
T. Dupriez, G. Polito, S. Costiou, V. Aranega, S. Ducasse.
Sindarin: A Versatile Scripting API for the Pharo Debugger, in: Proceedings of the 15th ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on Dynamic Languages, Athens, Greece, October 2019, [ DOI : 10.1145/3359619.3359745 ]
D. Guerra Calle, J. Delplanque, S. Ducasse.
Exposing Test Analysis Results with DrTests, in: International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies, Cologne, Germany, August 2019.
C. Hernández Phillips, G. Polito, L. Fabresse, S. Ducasse, N. Bouraqadi, P. Tesone.
Challenges in Debugging Bootstraps of Reflective Kernels, in: IWST19 - International workshop on Smalltalk Technologies, Cologne, Germany, August 2019.
P. Misse-Chanabier, V. Aranega, G. Polito, S. Ducasse.
Illicium A modular transpilation toolchain from Pharo to C, in: IWST19 — International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies, Köln, Germany, August 2019.
G. A. Pierro, H. S. C. Rocha.
The Influence Factors on Ethereum Transaction Fees, in: 2019 IEEE/ACM 2nd International Workshop on Emerging Trends in Software Engineering for Blockchain (WETSEB), Montreal, Canada, IEEE, May 2019, pp. 24-31. [ DOI : 10.1109/WETSEB.2019.00010 ]
G. Polito, P. Tesone, E. Miranda, D. Simmons.
GildaVM: a Non-Blocking I/O Architecture for the Cog VM, in: International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies, Cologne, Germany, August 2019.
T. Rogliano, G. Polito, P. Tesone.
Towards easy program migration using language virtualization, in: IWST19 - International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies, Cologne, Germany, August 2019.
B. Verhaeghe, N. Anquetil, S. Ducasse, A. Seriai, L. Deruelle, M. Derras.
Migrating GWT to Angular 6 using MDE, in: SATToSE 2019 - 12th Seminar on Advanced Techniques & Tools for Software Evolution, Bolzano, Italy, July 2019.
B. Verhaeghe, A. Etien, N. Anquetil, A. Seriai, L. Deruelle, S. Ducasse, M. Derras.
GUI Migration using MDE from GWT to Angular 6: An Industrial Case, in: SANER 2019 - 26th edition of the IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering, Hangzhou, China, February 2019.
B. Verhaeghe, C. Fuhrman, L. Guerrouj, N. Anquetil, S. Ducasse.
Empirical Study of Programming to an Interface, in: Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2019), San Diego, United States, November 2019.

Conferences without Proceedings

B. Verhaeghe, A. Etien, S. Ducasse, A. Seriai, L. Deruelle, M. Derras.
Migration de GWT vers Angular 6 en utilisant l'IDM, in: CIEL 2019 - 8ème Conférence en Ingénierie du Logiciel, Toulouse, France, June 2019.

Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

O. Auverlot, S. Ducasse, L. Fabresse.
TinyBlog: Créer votre Première Application Web avec Pharo, Square Bracket Associates, 2019, forthcoming.
O. Auverlot, S. Ducasse, L. Fabresse.
TinyBlog: Develop your First Web App with Pharo, Square Bracket Associates, April 2019, forthcoming.
S. Ducasse.
Pharo with Style, Square Bracket Associates, April 2019.
S. Ducasse, H. S. C. Rocha, S. Bragagnolo, M. Denker, C. Francomme.
SmartAnvil: Open-Source Tool Suite for Smart Contract Analysis, in: Blockchain and Web 3.0: Social, economic, and technological challenges, Routledge, February 2019.

Internal Reports

M. Denker, N. Anquetil, S. Ducasse, A. Etien, D. Pollet.
Project-Team RMoD 2018 Activity Report, Inria, February 2019.
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