Team, Visitors, External Collaborators
Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

The HOBIT system has been exported to a foreign institution (University of Jena) for the first time. The licensing of the technology is in progress for a worldwide distribution.


Best Papers Awards:
P. Giraudeau, A. Olry, J. Sol Roo, S. Fleck, D. Bertolo, R. Vivian, M. Hachet.
CARDS: A Mixed-Reality System for Collaborative Learning at School, in: ACM ISS'19 - ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces, Deajon, South Korea, November 2019. [ DOI : 10.1145/3343055.3359721 ]

A. Khan, J. Sol Roo, T. Kraus, J. Steimle.
Soft Inkjet Circuits: Rapid Multi Material Fabrication of Soft Circuits Using a Commodity Inkjet Printer, in: UIST'19 - 32nd ACM Symposium on User interface software and technology, New Orleans, United States, October 2019.