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Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

F. Heinrich.
Modeling, Prediction and Optimization of Energy Consumption of MPI Applications using SimGrid, Université Grenoble Alpes, May 2019.
A. Marcastel.
Optimisation en ligne et apprentissage adaptatif pour les réseaux dans les bandes ISM, Université de Cergy Pontoise, February 2019.
P. Mertikopoulos.
Online optimization and learning in games: Theory and applications, Grenoble 1 UGA - Université Grenoble Alpes, December 2019, Habilitation à diriger des recherches.
U. Ozeer.
Autonomic Resilience of Distributed IoT Applications in the Fog, UGA - Université Grenoble Alpes ; MSTII, December 2019.

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

P. Alliez, R. Di Cosmo, B. Guedj, A. Girault, M.-S. Hacid, A. Legrand, N. P. Rougier.
Attributing and Referencing (Research) Software: Best Practices and Outlook from Inria, in: Computing in Science & Engineering, 2019, pp. 1-14, [ DOI : 10.1109/MCSE.2019.2949413 ]
J. Anselmi.
Combining Size-Based Load Balancing with Round-Robin for Scalable Low Latency, in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2019, pp. 1-3, forthcoming. [ DOI : 10.1109/TPDS.2019.2950621 ]
J. Anselmi, J. Doncel.
Asymptotically Optimal Size-Interval Task Assignments, in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2019, vol. 30, no 11, pp. 2422-2433. [ DOI : 10.1109/TPDS.2019.2920121 ]
J. Anselmi, F. Dufour.
Power-of-d-Choices with Memory: Fluid Limit and Optimality, in: Mathematics of Operations Research, 2019, pp. 1-31, forthcoming.
I. M. Bomze, P. Mertikopoulos, W. Schachinger, M. Staudigl.
Hessian barrier algorithms for linearly constrained optimization problems, in: SIAM Journal on Optimization, 2019, vol. 29, pp. 2100 - 2127. [ DOI : 10.1137/18M1215682 ]
J. Doncel, N. Gast, B. Gaujal.
Discrete Mean Field Games: Existence of Equilibria and Convergence, in: Journal of Dynamics and Games, 2019, vol. 6, no 3, pp. 1-19, [ DOI : 10.3934/jdg.2019016 ]
A. Marcastel, E.-V. Belmega, P. Mertikopoulos, I. Fijalkow.
Online Power Optimization in Feedback-Limited, Dynamic and Unpredictable IoT Networks, in: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2019, vol. 67, no 11, pp. 2987 - 3000, forthcoming. [ DOI : 10.1109/TSP.2019.2910479 ]
P. Mertikopoulos, Z. Zhou.
Learning in games with continuous action spaces and unknown payoff functions, in: Mathematical Programming, Series A, 2019, vol. 173, no 1-2, pp. 465-507, [ DOI : 10.1007/s10107-018-1254-8 ]
X. Wu, P. Loiseau, E. Hyytiä.
Towards Designing Cost-Optimal Policies to Utilize IaaS Clouds with Online Learning, in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2019, vol. 14, forthcoming. [ DOI : 10.1109/TPDS.2019.2935199 ]

International Conferences with Proceedings

A. Andreou, M. Silva, F. Benevenuto, O. Goga, P. Loiseau, A. Mislove.
Measuring the Facebook Advertising Ecosystem, in: NDSS 2019 - Proceedings of the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium, San Diego, United States, February 2019, pp. 1-15. [ DOI : 10.14722/ndss.2019.23280 ]
K. Antonakopoulos, E.-V. Belmega, P. Mertikopoulos.
An adaptive mirror-prox algorithm for variational inequalities with singular operators, in: NeurIPS 2019, Vancouver, Canada, 2019.
P. Bruel, S. Quinito Masnada, B. Videau, A. Legrand, J.-M. Vincent, A. Goldman.
Autotuning under Tight Budget Constraints: A Transparent Design of Experiments Approach, in: CCGrid 2019 - International Symposium in Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing, Larcana, Cyprus, May 2019, pp. 1-10. [ DOI : 10.1109/CCGRID.2019.00026 ]
A. Chakraborty, G. K. Patro, N. Ganguly, K. P. Gummadi, P. Loiseau.
Equality of Voice: Towards Fair Representation in Crowdsourced Top-K Recommendations, in: FAT* 2019 - ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, Atlanta, United States, Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAT*), ACM, January 2019, pp. 129-138. [ DOI : 10.1145/3287560.3287570 ]
T. Cornebize, A. Legrand, F. C. Heinrich.
Fast and Faithful Performance Prediction of MPI Applications: the HPL Case Study, in: 2019 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (CLUSTER), Albuquerque, United States, 2019 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (CLUSTER), September 2019. [ DOI : 10.1109/CLUSTER.2019.8891011 ]
B. Donassolo, I. Fajjari, A. Legrand, P. Mertikopoulos.
Fog Based Framework for IoT Service Provisioning, in: CCNC 2019 - IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference, Las Vegas, United States, IEEE, January 2019, pp. 1-6. [ DOI : 10.1109/CCNC.2019.8651835 ]
J. Doncel, N. Gast, M. Tribastone, M. Tschaikowski, A. Vandin.
UTOPIC: Under-Approximation Through Optimal Control, in: QEST 2019 - 16th International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems, Glasgow, United Kingdom, Springer, September 2019, pp. 277-291. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-030-30281-8_16 ]
V. Emelianov, G. Arvanitakis, N. Gast, K. P. Gummadi, P. Loiseau.
The Price of Local Fairness in Multistage Selection, in: IJCAI-2019 - Twenty-Eighth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Macao, France, International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence Organization, May 2019, pp. 5836-5842, [ DOI : 10.24963/ijcai.2019/809 ]
B. Gaujal, A. Girault, S. Plassart.
A Linear Time Algorithm for Computing Off-line Speed Schedules Minimizing Energy Consumption, in: MSR 2019 - 12ème Colloque sur la Modélisation des Systèmes Réactifs, Angers, France, November 2019, pp. 1-14.
Y.-G. Hsieh, F. Iutzeler, J. Malick, P. Mertikopoulos.
On the convergence of single-call stochastic extra-gradient methods, in: NeurIPS 2019, Vancouver, Canada, 2019, - 27 pages, 3 figures.
B. Jonglez, S. Birbalta, M. Heusse.
Persistent DNS connections for improved performance, in: NETWORKING 2019 - IFIP Networking 2019, Warsaw, Poland, May 2019, pp. 1-2.
N. Liakopoulos, A. S. Destounis, G. Paschos, T. Spyropoulos, P. Mertikopoulos.
Cautious regret minimization: Online optimization with long-term budget constraints, in: ICML 2019 - 36th International Conference on Machine Learning, Long Beach, United States, June 2019, pp. 1-9.
P. Mertikopoulos, B. Lecouat, H. Zenati, C.-S. Foo, V. Chandrasekhar, G. Piliouras.
Optimistic Mirror Descent in Saddle-Point Problems: Going the Extra (Gradient) Mile, in: ICLR 2019 - 7th International Conference on Learning Representations, New Orleans, United States, May 2019, pp. 1-23.
M. Minaei, M. Mondal, P. Loiseau, K. P. Gummadi, A. Kate.
Forgetting the Forgotten with Lethe: Conceal Content Deletion from Persistent Observers, in: PETS 2019 - 19th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden, July 2019, pp. 1-21.
U. Ozeer, L. Letondeur, F.-G. Ottogalli, G. Salaün, J.-M. Vincent.
Designing and Implementing Resilient IoT Applications in the Fog: A Smart Home Use Case, in: ICIN 2019 - 22nd Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks, Paris, France, IEEE, February 2019, pp. 230-232. [ DOI : 10.1109/ICIN.2019.8685909 ]
D. Quan Vu, P. Loiseau, A. Silva, L. Tran-Thanh.
Path Planning Problems with Side Observations—When Colonels Play Hide-and-Seek, in: AAAI 2020 - Thirty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, New-York, United States, February 2020, pp. 1-15.
M. Staudigl, P. Mertikopoulos.
Convergent Noisy forward-backward-forward algorithms in non-monotone variational inequalities, in: LSS 2019 - 15th IFAC Symposium on Large Scale Complex Systems: Theory and Applications, Delft, Pays-Bas, May 2019, pp. 120-125. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.ifacol.2019.06.021 ]
L. Vigneri, G. Paschos, P. Mertikopoulos.
Large-Scale Network Utility Maximization: Countering Exponential Growth with Exponentiated Gradients, in: INFOCOM 2019 - IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, Paris, France, IEEE, April 2019, pp. 1630-1638. [ DOI : 10.1109/INFOCOM.2019.8737600 ]
S. Yasodharan, P. Loiseau.
Nonzero-sum Adversarial Hypothesis Testing Games, in: NeurIPS 2019 - Thirty-third Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, Vancouver, Canada, 2019, pp. 1-23.

Conferences without Proceedings

E. Agullo, A. Buttari, A. Guermouche, A. Legrand, I. Masliah, L. Stanisic.
Simulation of a Sparse Direct Solver on Heterogeneous Systems using Starpu and Simgrid, in: CSE 2019 - SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Spokane, United States, SIAM, February 2019.
J. Assunção, J.-M. Vincent, P. Fernandes.
Piecewise Aggregation for HMM fitting. A pre-fitting model for seamless integration with time series data, in: SEKE 2019 - 31st International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal, July 2019, pp. 729-734. [ DOI : 10.18293/SEKE2019-185 ]
T.-E. Kennouche, F. Cadoux, N. Gast, B. Vinot.
ASGriDS: Asynchronous Smart-Grids Distributed Simulator, in: APPEEC 2019 - 11th IEEE PES Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference, Macao, Macau SAR China, IEEE, December 2019, pp. 1-5.
A. Legrand, D. Trystram, S. Zrigui.
Adapting Batch Scheduling to Workload Characteristics: What can we expect From Online Learning?, in: IPDPS 2019 - 33rd IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, IEEE, May 2019, pp. 686-695. [ DOI : 10.1109/IPDPS.2019.00077 ]
A. Marcastel, E.-V. Belmega, P. Mertikopoulos, I. Fijalkow.
Gradient-free Online Resource Allocation Algorithms for Dynamic Wireless Networks, in: SPAWC 2019 - 20th IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications, Cannes, France, IEEE, July 2019, pp. 1-4. [ DOI : 10.1109/SPAWC.2019.8815409 ]
D. Quan Vu, P. Loiseau, A. Silva.
Combinatorial Bandits for Sequential Learning in Colonel Blotto Games, in: CDC 2019 - 58th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Nice, France, December 2019,

Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

L. Desquilbet, S. Granger, B. Hejblum, A. Legrand, P. Pernot, N. P. Rougier, E. de Castro Guerra, M. Courbin-Coulaud, L. Duvaux, P. Gravier, G. Le Campion, S. Roux, F. Santos.
Towards reproducible research : Evolve your practices, Unité régionale de formation à l'information scientifique et technique de Bordeaux, May 2019, pp. 1-161.

Internal Reports

T. Cornebize, A. Legrand.
DGEMM performance is data-dependent, Université Grenoble Alpes ; Inria ; CNRS, December 2019, no RR-9310,
B. Gaujal, A. Girault, S. Plassart.
A Discrete Time Markov Decision Process for Energy Minimization Under Deadline Constraints, Grenoble Alpes ; Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes, Université de Grenoble, December 2019, no RR-9309, 46 p.
B. Gaujal, A. Girault, S. Plassart.
Exploiting Job Variability to Minimize Energy Consumption under Real-Time Constraints, Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes, Université de Grenoble ; Université Grenoble - Alpes, November 2019, no RR-9300, 23 p.
B. Gaujal, A. Girault, S. Plassart.
Feasibility of on-line speed policies in real-time systems, Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes, Université de Grenoble ; Univ. Grenoble Alpes, November 2019, no RR-9301, 38 p.


S. Archipoff, C. Augonnet, O. Aumage, G. Beauchamp, B. Bramas, A. Buttari, A. Cassagne, J. Clet-Ortega, T. Cojean, N. Collin, V. Danjean, A. Denis, L. Eyraud-Dubois, N. Furmento, S. Henry, A. Hugo, M. Juhoor, A. Juven, M. Keryell-Even, Y. Khorsi, T. Lambert, E. Leria, B. Lizé, M. Makni, S. Nakov, R. Namyst, L. Nesi Lucas, J. Pablo, D. Pasqualinotto, S. Pitoiset, N. Quôc-Dinh, C. Roelandt, C. Sakka, C. Salingue, L. Mello Schnorr, M. Sergent, A. Simonet, L. Stanisic, S. Bérangère, F. Tessier, S. Thibault, V. Brice, L. Villeveygoux, P.-A. Wacrenier.
StarPU, January 2020, Version : 1.3.3,
[ SWH-ID : swh:1:dir:b6e19d99449a78805e7a55a341fbaba2bc431973 ]
, Software.

Other Publications

R. I. Bot, P. Mertikopoulos, M. Staudigl, P. T. Vuong.
Forward-backward-forward methods with variance reduction for stochastic variational inequalities, December 2019, working paper or preprint.
B. Donassolo, I. Fajjari, A. Legrand, P. Mertikopoulos.
Load Aware Provisioning of IoT Services on Fog Computing Platform, March 2019, working paper or preprint.
B. Jonglez, S. Birbalta, M. Heusse.
Persistent DNS connections for improved performance, May 2019, 1 p, NETWORKING 2019 - IFIP Networking 2019, Poster.
D. Quan Vu, P. Loiseau, A. Silva.
Approximate Equilibria in Non-constant-sum Colonel Blotto and Lottery Blotto Games with Large Numbers of Battlefields, October 2019, - working paper or preprint.
D. Quan Vu, P. Loiseau, A. Silva, L. Tran-Thanh.
Colonel Blotto and Hide-and-Seek Games as Path Planning Problems with Side Observations, May 2019, - working paper or preprint.
S. Zrigui, R. Y. De Camargo, D. Trystram, A. Legrand.
Improving the Performance of Batch Schedulers Using Online Job Size Classification, October 2019, working paper or preprint.
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