Team, Visitors, External Collaborators
Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Major publications by the team in recent years
J. Garcia Guevara, I. Peterlik, M.-O. Berger, S. Cotin.
Biomechanics-based graph matching for augmented CT-CBCT, in: International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, April 2018, vol. 13, no 6, pp. 805-813. [ DOI : 10.1007/s11548-018-1755-1 ]
N. Haouchine, S. Cotin, I. Peterlik, J. Dequidt, M. Sanz-Lopez, E. Kerrien, M.-O. Berger.
Impact of Soft Tissue Heterogeneity on Augmented Reality for Liver Surgery, in: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2015, vol. 21, no 5, pp. 584-597. [ DOI : 10.1109/TVCG.2014.2377772 ]
E. Kerrien, A. Yureidini, J. Dequidt, C. Duriez, R. Anxionnat, S. Cotin.
Blood vessel modeling for interactive simulation of interventional neuroradiology procedures, in: Medical Image Analysis, January 2017, vol. 35, pp. 685-698. [ DOI : 10.1016/ ]
P. Rolin, M.-O. Berger, F. Sur.
Viewpoint simulation for camera pose estimation from an unstructured scene model, in: International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Seattle, United States, May 2015.
G. Simon, A. Fond, M.-O. Berger.
A-Contrario Horizon-First Vanishing Point Detection Using Second-Order Grouping Laws, in: ECCV 2018 - European Conference on Computer Vision, Munich, Germany, September 2018.
F. Sur, M. Grediac.
Measuring the Noise of Digital Imaging Sensors by Stacking Raw Images Affected by Vibrations and Illumination Flickering, in: SIAM J. on Imaging Sciences, March 2015, vol. 8, no 1, pp. 611-643. [ DOI : 10.1137/140977035 ]
F. Sur, N. Noury, M.-O. Berger.
An A Contrario Model for Matching Interest Points under Geometric and Photometric Constraints, in: SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, 2013, vol. 6, no 4, pp. 1956-1978. [ DOI : 10.1137/120871766 ]
F. P. Vidal, P.-F. Villard, E. Lutton.
Tuning of patient specific deformable models using an adaptive evolutionary optimization strategy, in: IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, October 2012, vol. 59, no 10, pp. 2942-2949. [ DOI : 10.1109/TBME.2012.2213251 ]
Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

J. Garcia Guevara.
Biomechanical graph matching for hepatic intra-operative image registration, Universite de Lorraine, Inria, Nancy, France, December 2019.
G. Simon.
Positionnement visuel pour la réalité augmentée en environnement plan, Université de Lorraine, December 2019, Habilitation à diriger des recherches.

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

J. Garcia Guevara, I. Peterlik, M.-O. Berger, S. Cotin.
Elastic registration based on compliance analysis and biomechanical graph matching, in: Annals of Biomedical Engineering, September 2019, [ DOI : 10.1007/s10439-019-02364-4 ]
M. Grediac, B. Blaysat, F. Sur.
A robust-to-noise deconvolution algorithm to enhance displacement and strain maps obtained with local DIC and LSA, in: Experimental Mechanics, 2019, vol. 59, no 2, pp. 219-243. [ DOI : 10.1007/s11340-018-00461-4 ]
M. Grediac, B. Blaysat, F. Sur.
Extracting displacement and strain fields from checkerboard images with the Localized Spectrum Analysis, in: Experimental Mechanics, 2019, vol. 59, no 2, pp. 207-218. [ DOI : 10.1007/s11340-018-00439-2 ]
M. Grediac, B. Blaysat, F. Sur.
Comparing several spectral methods used to extract displacement fields from checkerboard images, in: Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 2020, vol. 127, pp. 1-33. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.optlaseng.2019.105984 ]
P. Rolin, M.-O. Berger, F. Sur.
View synthesis for pose computation, in: Machine Vision and Applications, 2019, vol. 30, no 7-8, pp. 1209-1227. [ DOI : 10.1007/s00138-019-01045-5 ]
F. Sur.
A non-local dual-domain approach to cartoon and texture decomposition, in: IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2019, vol. 28, no 4, pp. 1882-1894. [ DOI : 10.1109/TIP.2018.2881906 ]
P. Tan, F. Pierre, M. Nikolova.
Inertial Alternating Generalized Forward-Backward Splitting for Image Colorization, in: Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, February 2019, vol. 61, no 5, pp. 672–690. [ DOI : 10.1007/s10851-019-00877-0 ]

International Conferences with Proceedings

V. Gaudillière, G. Simon, M.-O. Berger.
Camera Pose Estimation with Semantic 3D Model, in: IROS 2019 - 2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Macau, Macau SAR China, November 2019, pp. 4568-4576.
V. Gaudillière, G. Simon, M.-O. Berger.
Camera Relocalization with Ellipsoidal Abstraction of Objects, in: ISMAR 2019 - 18th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Beijing, China, October 2019, pp. 19-29.
T. Mouzon, F. Pierre, M.-O. Berger.
Joint CNN and Variational Model for Fully-automatic Image Colorization, in: SSVM 2019 - Seventh International Conference on Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision, Hofgeismar, Germany, Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision, June 2019, pp. 535-546.
D. Panicheva, P.-F. Villard, M.-O. Berger.
Toward an automatic segmentation of mitral valve chordae, in: SPIE Medical Imaging, San Diego, United States, B. Gimi, A. Kro (editors), SPIE, February 2019, vol. 10953, pp. 1095315-1095323. [ DOI : 10.1117/12.2511943 ]
D. Panicheva, P.-F. Villard, P. Hammer, M.-O. Berger.
Physically-coherent Extraction of Mitral Valve Chordae, in: International Conference in Computing in Cardiology, Singapore, Singapore, Proceedings of Computers in Cardiology, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2019, vol. 46, 4 p.
A. Renaudeau, F. Lauze, F. Pierre, J.-F. Aujol, J.-D. Durou.
Alternate Structural-Textural Video Inpainting for Spot Defects Correction in Movies, in: SSVM 2019 - Seventh International Conference on Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision, Hofgeismar, Germany, 2019.

National Conferences with Proceedings

V. Gaudillière, G. Simon, M.-O. Berger.
Estimation de pose de caméra à partir de correspondances ellipse - ellipsoïde, in: ORASIS 2019 - Journées francophones des jeunes chercheurs en vision par ordinateur, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France, May 2019.
A. Renaudeau, F. Lauze, F. Pierre, J.-F. Aujol, J.-D. Durou.
Inpainting vidéo pour la restauration de films par reconstructions alternées de la structure et de la texture, in: ORASIS, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France, 2019.

Conferences without Proceedings

N. Cacciani, E. Larsson, I. Tominec, P.-F. Villard.
Meshfree Simulation of Human Respiratory Muscles, in: CSE 19 - SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Spokane, United States, February 2019.


M.-O. Berger, V. Gaudillière, G. Simon.
Dispositif de traitement de prise de vue, May 2019, no FR1905535.
M. Grediac, B. Blaysat, F. Sur.
Method for measuring fields of movements and of deformations with check pattern marking and spectral method processing, August 2019, no FR3078190 WO2019162449.

Other Publications

V. Gaudillière, G. Simon, M.-O. Berger.
Perspective-12-Quadric: An analytical solution to the camera pose estimation problem from conic - quadric correspondences, March 2019, working paper or preprint.
R. Trivisonne, E. Kerrien, S. Cotin.
Constrained Stochastic State Estimation for 3D Shape Reconstruction of Catheters and Guidewires in Fluoroscopic Images, April 2019, working paper or preprint.
References in notes
V. Gaudillière, G. Simon, M.-O. Berger.
Region-based epipolar and planar geometry estimation in low-textured environments, in: ICIP 2018 - 25th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Athens, Greece, October 2018.
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Statistical Modeling and Recognition of Surgical Workflow, in: Medical Image Analysis, 2011.
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You Only Look Once: Unified, Real-Time Object Detection, in: CoRR, 2015, vol. abs/1506.02640.
G. Simon.
In-Situ 3D Sketching Using a Video Camera as an Interaction and Tracking Device, in: 31st Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics - Eurographics 2010, Suède Norrkoping, May 2010.