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Overall Objectives
Research Program
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Major publications by the team in recent years
V. Guinot, C. Delenne, A. Rousseau, O. Boutron.
Flux closures and source term models for shallow water models with depth-dependent integral porosity, in: Advances in Water Resources, September 2018, vol. 122, pp. 1-26. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.advwatres.2018.09.014 ]
Publications of the year

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

J.-N. Bacro, C. Gaetan, T. Opitz, G. Toulemonde.
Hierarchical Space-Time Modeling of Asymptotically Independent Exceedances With an Application to Precipitation Data, in: Journal of the American Statistical Association, June 2019, pp. 1-26. [ DOI : 10.1080/01621459.2019.1617152 ]
J. G. Caldas Steinstraesser, G. Kemlin, A. Rousseau.
A domain decomposition method for linearized Boussinesq-type equations, in: Journal of Mathematical Study, 2019, pp. 1 - 22.
N. Chahinian, C. Delenne, B. Commandré, M. Derras, L. Deruelle, J.-S. Bailly.
Automatic mapping of urban wastewater networks based on manhole cover locations, in: Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 2019, vol. 78, 101370 p. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.compenvurbsys.2019.101370 ]
P. Finaud-Guyot, P.-A. Garambois, G. Dellinger, F. Lawniczak, P. François.
Experimental characterization of various scale hydraulic signatures in a flooded branched street network, in: Urban Water Journal, 2020, forthcoming. [ DOI : 10.1080/1573062X.2020.1713173 ]

Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

G. Toulemonde, J. Carreau, V. Guinot.
Space-time simulations of extreme rainfall : why and how ?, in: Mathematical Modeling of Random and Deterministic Phenomena, S. M. Manou-Abi, S. Dabo-Niang, J.-J. Salone (editors), Wiley, January 2020.

Internal Reports

F. Berthoud, P. Guitton, L. Lefèvre, S. Quinton, A. Rousseau, J. Sainte-Marie, C. Serrano, J.-B. Stefani, P. Sturm, E. A. Tannier.
Sciences, Environnements et Sociétés : Rapport long du groupe de travail MakeSEnS d’Inria, Inria, October 2019.

Scientific Popularization

C. Mokrani, M. Bossy, M. Di Iorio, A. Rousseau.
Numerical Modelling of Hydrokinetic Turbines Immersed in Complex Topography using Non-Rotative Actuator Discs, in: Three Years Promoting the Development of Marine Renewable Energy in Chile 2015 - 2018, MERIC-Marine Energy and Innovation Center, 2019.

Other Publications

J. Carreau, G. Toulemonde.
Extra-Parametrized Extreme Value Copula : Extension to a Spatial Framework, December 2019, working paper or preprint.
V. Guinot, J. G. Caldas Steinstraesser, A. Rousseau.
Discussion on 'Dam break in rectangular channels with different upstream-downstream widths', January 2020, working paper or preprint.
F. Palacios-Rodríguez, G. Toulemonde, J. Carreau, T. Opitz.
Generalized Pareto processes for simulating space-time extreme events: an application to precipitation reanalyses, December 2019, working paper or preprint.
F. Palacios-Rodríguez, G. Toulemonde, J. Carreau, T. Opitz.
Stochastic extreme rainfall simulations around Montpellier, November 2019, 8èmes journées scientifiques du LabEx NUMEV, Poster.
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