Team, Visitors, External Collaborators
Overall Objectives
Research Program
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Creation of the Team: 2012 January 01, updated into Project-Team: 2013 July 01

Section: Team, Visitors, External Collaborators

Research Scientists

Nathalie Mitton [Team leader, Inria, Senior Researcher, HDR]
Valeria Loscri [Inria, Researcher, HDR]

Faculty Member

Antoine Gallais [Université de Strasbourg, Associate Professor, until Aug 2019, HDR]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Allan Blanchard [Inria, until Jun 2019]
Antonio Costanzo [Inria, from Dec 2019]
Christian Salim [Inria, from Sep 2019]

PhD Students

Emilie Bout [Inria, from Oct 2019]
Brandon Foubert [Inria]
Mohammad Hussein Ghosn [Lebanese International University, from Mar 2019]
Meysam Mayahi [Inria, from Oct 2019]
Carola Rizza [Inria, from Oct 2019]
Edward Staddon [Inria, from Oct 2019]

Technical staff

Ibrahim Amadou [Inria, Engineer]
Rehan Malak [Inria, Engineer, until Mar 2019]
Matthieu Berthome [Inria, Engineer, until Aug 2019]
Julien Vandaele [Inria]

Interns and Apprentices

Islam Amine Bouchedjera [Université Ferhat ABBAS Sétif 1, Apr 2019]
Ichrak Djilani [Université Ferhat ABBAS Sétif 1, Apr 2019]
Brinda Muzakare [Ecole Polytech'Lille, from Jun 2019 until Aug 2019]
Jaime Orts-Caroff [IMT Lille Douai, until Jan 2019]
Clarisse Taufour [IMT Lille Douai, until Jan 2019]

Administrative Assistant

Anne Rejl [Inria]

Visiting Scientist

Noura Mares [Ecole Nationale des Ingénieurs de Tunis, from Jun 2019 until Jul 2019]