Team, Visitors, External Collaborators
Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Creation of the Project-Team: 2008 January 01

Section: Team, Visitors, External Collaborators

Research Scientists

Catuscia Palamidessi [Team leader, Inria, Senior Researcher]
Frank Valencia [CNRS, Researcher]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Valentina Castiglioni [Inria, Post-Doctoral Fellow, until Apr 2019]

PhD Students

Ganesh Del Grosso Guzman [Inria, PhD Student, from Oct 2019]
Natasha Fernandes [Macquarie Univ., PhD Student]
Federica Granese [Inria, PhD Student, from Nov 2019]
Anna Pazii [École polytechnique, PhD Student]
Santiago Quintero [École polytechnique, PhD Student]
Marco Romanelli [Inria, PhD Student]

Technical staff

Ehab Elsalamouny [Inria, Engineer]

Interns and Apprentices

Sayan Biswas [Inria, from Jun 2019 until Sep 2019]
Noemie Fong [ENS Paris, until Feb 2019]
Federica Granese [Inria, from Mar 2019 until Jun 2019]
Boammani Lompo [Inria, from May 2019 until Jul 2019]

Administrative Assistant

Maria Agustina Ronco [Inria, Administrative Assistant]

Visiting Scientists

Yusuke Kawamoto [AIST, March 2019 and Nov–Dec 2019]
Sophia Knight [University of Minesota, May 2019]
Takao Murakami [AIST, March 2019]
Carlos Olarte [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, Nov 2019]
Carlos Pinzon [Universidad Javeriana of Cali, Nov 2019]
Sergio Ramirez [Universidad Javeriana of Cali, from Nov 2019 until Dec 2019]
Camilo Rocha [Universidad Javeriana of Cali, Jun 2019]
Camilo Rueda [Universidad Javeriana of Cali, from May 2019 until Jun 2019]

External Collaborators

Sayan Biswas [University of Bath, from Oct 2019]
Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis [CNRS]
Noemie Fong [ENS Paris, from Apr 2019 until Aug 2019]
Federica Granese [Univ. of Rome “La Sapienza”, from Jul 2019 until Oct 2019]
Juan Pablo Piantanida [Centrale-Supélec, from Oct 2019]