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The SILM thematic semester ( is dedicated to the security of software/hardware interfaces and focus more particularly on the three following axes:

  1. Analyzing the behavior and the state of hardware components using, e.g. trace mechanisms, fuzzing, reverse-engineering techniques, or side channel analyses;

  2. Studying the hardware vulnerabilities and the software attacks that can exploit them: e.g. side-channels, fault injections, or exploitation of unspecified behavior;

  3. Detecting and preventing software attacks using dedicated hardware components. Proposing software countermeasures to protect from hardware vulnerabilities.

The goal of this semester is to promote the scientific, teaching and industrial transfer activities on the security of software/hardware interfaces. Our objective is also to identify scientific and technological challenges in that field and to propose a strategic action plan. To that end, we organized different events:

We will also animate a working group and publish a white-paper on that topic.

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