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Section: New Results

First Order Error Correction for Trimmed Quadrature in Isogeometric Analysis

Participant : Angelos Mantzaflaris.

In [23] we develop a specialized quadrature rule for trimmed domains , where the trimming curve is given implicitly by a real-valued function on the whole domain. We follow an error correction approach: In a first step, we obtain an adaptive subdivision of the domain in such a way that each cell falls in a pre-defined base case. We then extend the classical approach of linear approximation of the trimming curve by adding an error correction term based on a Taylor expansion of the blending between the linearized implicit trimming curve and the original one. This approach leads to an accurate method which improves the convergence of the quadrature error by one order compared to piecewise linear approximation of the trimming curve. It is at the same time efficient, since essentially the computation of one extra one-dimensional integral on each trimmed cell is required. Finally, the method is easy to implement, since it only involves one additional line integral and refrains from any point inversion or optimization operations. The convergence is analyzed theoretically and numerical experiments confirm that the accuracy is improved without compromising the computational complexity.

This is joint work with B. Jüttler and F. Scholz. (Institute of Applied Geometry, Linz, Austria).