Team, Visitors, External Collaborators
Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

ANR MFG (2016-2021)

Participant : Julien Salomon.

Mean field game theory (MFG) is a new and active field of mathematics, which analyses the dynamics of a very large number of agents. Introduced about ten years ago, MFG models have been used in different fields: economics, finance, social sciences, engineering,... MFG theory is at the intersection of mean field theory, mathematical game theory, optimal control, stochastic analysis, variation calculation, partial differential equations and scientific calculation. Drawing on an internationally recognized French team on the subject, the project seeks to obtain major contributions in 4 main directions: the "medium field" aspect (i.e., how to obtain macroscopic models from microscopic models); the analysis of new MFG systems; their numerical analysis; the development of new applications. In this period of rapid expansion of MFG models, the project seeks to foster French leadership in the field and attract new researchers from related fields.

ANR INFAMIE (2015-2019)

Participant : Boris Haspot.

Our project aims at a better mathematical understanding of several models for the evolution of inhomogeneous flows. Through three main lines of research (see below), we will pursue a twofold final objective. First, we want to develop the current theory of regular solutions for several equations for the evolution of fluids, proposing a new approach and developing tools that are likely to be efficient in various areas of PDEs. Second, for a few selected concrete systems that describe flows in the earth environment or in astrophysics, we wish to use this general approach to extract as much information as possible concerning the qualitative behavior of the solutions.

ANR SEDIFLO (2015-2019)

Participants : Emmanuel Audusse, Martin Parisot.

Based on recent theoretical and experimental results, this project is aimed at modelling transport of sediments within rivers. It will rely on innovations from the point of view of rheology as well as advanced mathematical tools (asymptotic model reduction, PDE discretisation).

ANR Hyflo-Eflu (2016-2019)

Participants : Jérémy Ledoux, Martin Parisot, Jacques Sainte-Marie, Julien Salomon.

The project is a collaboration between the Inria-team ANGE, specialist of free surface flow and optimisation, and the industrial developers of the turbine, HydroTube Energie. The objective of the project HyFlo-EFlu is to deliver a numerical software able to simulate the dynamic of a floating water turbine in real context. For the academic partner, the main challenge is in the simulation of the floating structure at the scale of the river, and the modelling of the vertical and horisontal axis turbine. For the industrial partner, the objective is the validation of the stability of the structure and the performance in term of energy production.

ANR CHARMS (2016-2020)

Participant : Cindy Guichard.

CHARMS ANR project is focused on the mathematical methods and software tools dedicated to the simulation of the physical models issued from geothermal engineering. The final objective is the achievement of a highly parallel code, validated on realistic cases.

GdR EGRIN (2017–2021)

Participants : Emmanuel Audusse, Bernard Di Martino, Nicole Goutal, Cindy Guichard, Anne Mangeney, Martin Parisot, Jacques Sainte-Marie.

EGRIN stands for Gravity-driven flows and natural hazards. J. Sainte-Marie is the head of the scientific committee of this CNRS research group and A. Mangeney is a member of the committee. Other members of the team involved in the project are local correspondents. The scientific goals of this project are the modelling, analysis and simulation of complex fluids by means of reduced-complexity models in the framework of geophysical flows.

ANR FireCaster (2017-2020)

Participants : Frédéric Allaire, Vivien Mallet.

The goal of the FireCaster project is to prototype a fire decision support system at the national scale to estimate upcoming fire risk (H+24 to H+48) and in case of crisis, to predict fire front position and local pollution (H+1 to H+12).

ANR CENSE (2017-2020)

Participants : Antoine Lesieur, Vivien Mallet.

The CENSE project aims at proposing a new methodology for the production of more realistic noise maps, based on an assimilation of simulated and measured data through a dense network of low-cost sensors.

ANR RAVEX (2017-2020)

Participant : Anne Mangeney.

ANR CINE-PARA (2015-2019)

Participant : Julien Salomon.

PGMO Project ORACLE (2019-2021)

Participant : Julien Salomon.