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Section: Dissemination


Articles and Contents

In addition to the creation of unplugged computer science activities, Marie Duflot-Kremer produces documents to help others, together with videos already produced in collaboration with Inria, master and practise on their own those activities.

An article was accepted at the Educode conference on the analysis of unplugged vs. computer based programming learning [32].


Marie Duflot-Kremer is involved in various training activities for high school teachers. She is involved in two IREM (Institute for Research on Mathematics Education) groups that produced a training session, she gave workshops in the regional APMEP (Association of Math Teachers from Public Education) day and during the “Journée ISN” (organized for teachers involved in computer science courses in high school). She also gave a conference talk and a workshop on a one day training session for teachers at the Science Museum “Le Vaisseau” in Strasbourg.

Thomas Sturm and Christoph Weidenbach co-organized the scientific track of the training program of the German team for the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).


Marie Duflot-Kremer is involved in many outreach events where computer science is shared with a very wide audience, from 3 to 80+ years old, including “Journée des cordées de la réussite” and “Journée d'immersion” (for high school students), Fête de La Science (locally and in Paris with Inria including a theater play performed at Cité des Sciences), Math en Jeans (a program where high school students discover research through simple mathematics or computer science problems).

She gave a two-day seminar at Université Paris Nanterre to Law teachers presenting computer networks and computer security, and a talk at the “Journée GDR IA” to show to AI researchers how to present their research to a wide audience through unplugged activities.

Marie Duflot-Kremer was also one of the trainers at a three-day summer school on computer science outreach held by Société Informatique de France. During these three days the trainees discovered the concept, practised existing activities and even created their own (on subject as diverse as information leakage, Turing machines or binary integer encoding).

Concerning events organized by Inria, she took part in the Ada Lovelace Day organized by Inria Nancy – Grand Est (NGE), on three aspects: organization of the day (both scientific and practical), training of colleagues prior to the event, and supervising workshops during the event. She is also part of the FAN (Formation des Ambassadeurs du Numérique) project organised by Inria NGE and “Les Petits Débrouillards” that will, in addition to the Class'Code MOOC, train people involved in education (in school or outside) through 5 days of training seminar. She also took part in two events related to Class'Code in Bordeaux (May) and Poitiers (November), introducing the motivations of unplugged activities and their practical aspects in workshops.

Internal Action

Marie Duflot-Kremer is part of the “Info Sans Ordi” group affiliated to Société Informatique de France, where people share and design new unplugged activities to introduce computer science concepts.

Creation of Media or Tools for Science Outreach

Marie Duflot-Kremer and the Inria media team recorded three new videos presenting unplugged activities, that complement the 10 videos already existing and available on the Pixees Youtube account. She is a member of the GT7F working group (led by Interstice/Inria) that has produced a card game presenting important computer science figures (to be released in early 2019).