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Section: Application Domains

Web Data

The choice of Pims is not exclusive. We intend to consider other application areas as well. In particular, we have worked in the past and have a strong expertise on Web data [3] in a broad sense: semi-structured, structured, or unstructured content extracted from Web databases [70]; knowledge bases from the Semantic Web [73]; social networks [9]; Web archives and Web crawls [52]; Web applications and deep Web databases [45]; crowdsourcing platforms [40]. We intend to continue using Web data as a natural application domain for the research within Valda when relevant. For instance [44], deep Web databases are a natural application scenario for intensional data management issues: determining if a deep Web database contains some information requires optimizing the number of costly requests to that database.

A common aspect of both personal information and Web data is that their exploitation raises ethical considerations. Thus, a user needs to remain fully in control of the usage that is made of her personal information; a search engine or recommender system that ranks Web content for display to a specific user needs to do so in an unbiased, justifiable, manner. These ethical constraints sometimes forbid some technically solutions that may be technically useful, such as sharing a model learned from the personal data of a user to another user, or using blackboxes to rank query result. We fully intend to consider these ethical considerations within Valda. One of the main goals of a Pims is indeed to empower the user with a full control on the use of this data.