Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Creation of the Team: 2016 December 01

Section: Personnel

Research Scientists

Marc Schoenauer [Team leader, Inria, Senior Researcher, HDR]
Guillaume Charpiat [Inria, Researcher]
Cyril Furtlehner [Inria, Researcher]
Yann Ollivier [CNRS, Researcher, until May 2017, HDR]
Martine Sebag [CNRS, Senior Researcher, HDR]
Paola Tubaro [CNRS, Researcher]

Faculty Members

Cécile Germain [Univ. Paris-Sud, Professor, HDR]
Isabelle Guyon [Univ. Paris-Sud + Inria chair, Professor + Advanced Research Position]
Philippe Caillou [Univ Paris-Sud, Associate Professor]
Aurélien Decelle [Univ. Paris-Sud, Associate Professor]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Berna Bakir Batu [Inria]
Edgar Galvan Lopez [Programme Marie-Curie, until Mar 2017]
Olivier Goudet [Inria]

PhD Students

Nacim Belkhir [Thalès, until May 2017]
Victor Berger [Inria, from Oct 2017]
Vincent Berthier [Inria, until Nov 2017]
Benjamin Donnot [RTE]
Guillaume Doquet [Univ Paris-Sud]
Victor Estrade [Univ Paris-Sud]
Giancarlo Fissore [Inria, from Oct 2017]
François Gonard [Institut de recherche technologique System X]
Diviyan Kalainathan [Univ Paris-Sud]
Zhengying Liu [Univ Paris-Sud (AMX), from Oct 2017]
Pierre-Yves Masse [Inria, until Dec. 2017]
Marc Nabhan [Renault, from Jun 2017]
Adrian Pol [Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire]
Herilalaina Rakotoarison [Inria, from Nov 2017]
Théophile Sanchez [Univ Paris-Sud, from Oct 2017]
Thomas Schmitt [Inria]
Lisheng Sun [Univ Paris-Sud]
Corentin Tallec [Univ. Paris-Sud (AMX)]
Aris Tritas [Inria, Intern from Apr-Sep 2017, PhD since Oct. 2017]
Pierre Wolinski [Univ. Paris-Sud]

Technical staff

Yasmina Bouzbiba [Inria, from Apr 2017]
Etienne Brame [Inria]
Raphaël Jaiswal [Inria, from Sep 2017]
Felix Louistisserand [Inria]
Luis Marti Orosa [Inria]
Dejan Tusar [Inria, until Sep 2017]


Louis Béthune [L3 ENS Lyon, June-July 2017]
Leonard Blier [Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris, from Apr 2017 until Oct 2017]
Laurent Cetinsoy [Inria, from Jun 2017 until Sep 2017]
Raphaël Guégan [Master 1 UPSud, April-Aug. 2017]
Mhamed Hajaiej [Inria, from Apr 2017 until Jul 2017]
Rumana Lakdawala [Inria, from Apr 2017 until Aug 2017]
Clément Leroy [Inria, from Mar 2017 until Jun 2017]
Priyanka Mandikal Phanindra [Inria, until May 2017]
Erwann Martin [Inria, from Jun 2017 until Aug 2017]
Christina Oster [Inria, from Mar 2017 until May 2017]
Julian Posada [CNRS, from Jul 2017 until Dec 2017]
Hugo Richard [ENS Lyon, from Sept. 2017]
Martin Toth [Parcours recherche Centrale]
Cedric Vachaudez [Inria, from Jun 2017 until Aug 2017]

Administrative Assistant

Olga Mwana Mobulakani [Inria, until May 2017 – no assistant Jun-Dec 2017]

Visiting Scientist

Mandar Chandorkar [CWI, from Sep 2017]

External Collaborators

Bernat Gacias [Other Univ., until Mar 2017]
Flora Jay [CNRS]
Balasz Kegl [CNRS]
Nilo Schwenke [Ecole Polytechnique]