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Application Domains
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New Results
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Section: New Results

Model selection in Regression and Classification

Participants : Gilles Celeux, Pascal Massart, Sylvain Arlot, Jean-Michel Poggi, Kevin Bleakley.

The well-documented and consistent variable selection procedure in model-based cluster analysis and classification that Cathy Maugis (INSA Toulouse) designed during her PhD thesis in select , makes use of stepwise algorithms which are painfully slow in high dimensions. In order to circumvent this drawback, Gilles Celeux, in collaboration with Mohammed Sedki (Université Paris XI) and Cathy Maugis, have recently submitted an article where variables are sorted using a lasso-like penalization adapted to the Gaussian mixture model context. Using this ranking to select variables, they avoid the combinatory problem of stepwise procedures. The performances on challenging simulated and real data sets are similar to the standard procedure, with a CPU time divided by a factor of more than a hundred.

In collaboration with Jean-Michel Marin (Université de Montpellier) and Olivier Gascuel (LIRMM), Gilles Celeux has continued research aiming to select a short list of models rather a single model. This short list is declared to be compatible with the data using a p-value derived from the Kullback-Leibler distance between the model and the empirical distribution. Furthermore, the Kullback-Leibler distances at hand are estimated through nonparametric and parametric bootstrap procedures. Different strategies are compared through numerical experiments on simulated and real data sets.