Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Application Domains

Other Application Domains

Participants : Emmanuelle Gaillard, Florence Le Ber, Jean Lieber, Jean-François Mari, Amedeo Napoli, Emmanuel Nauer, Sébastien Da Silva.



cooking, knowledge engineering, case-based reasoning, semantic web

The origin of the Taaable project is the Computer Cooking Contest (CCC). A contestant to CCC is a system that answers queries about recipes, using a recipe base; if no recipe exactly matches the query, then the system adapts another recipe. Taaable is a case-based reasoning system based on knowledge representation, semantic web and knowledge discovery technologies. The system enables to validate scientific results and to study the complementarity of various research trends in an application domain which is simple to understand and which raises complex issues at the same time.



simulation in agronomy, graph model in agronomy

Research in agronomy was conducted in cooperation between Inria and INRA, within the INRA research network PAYOTE about landscape modeling. The research work was related to the characterization and the simulation of hedgerow structures in agricultural landscapes, based on Hilbert-Peano curves and Markov models [73]. Moreover, an on-going research work about the representation of farmer experience is carried on within a collaboration with IRD in Madagascar [81]. Sketches drawn by farmers were transformed into graphs and compared thanks to Formal Concept Analysis.

Digital Humanities


digital humanities, semantic web, SPARQL, approximate search, case-based reasoning

Members of the Orpailleur team are collaborating with a group of researchers working in history and philosophy of science and technologies (they are located in Brest, Montpellier and Nancy). The idea is to reuse semantic web technologies for better access and better representation of their text corpora.