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Section: New Results

Optimal transport for diffeomorphic registration

J. Feydy and B. Charlier and G. Peyré and F-X. Vialard


This paper introduces the use of unbalanced optimal transport methods as a similarity measure for diffeomorphic matching of imaging data. The similarity measure is a key object in diffeomorphic registration methods that, together with the regularization on the deformation, defines the optimal deformation. Most often, these similarity measures are local or non local but simple enough to be computationally fast. We build on recent theoretical and numerical advances in optimal transport to propose fast and global similarity measures that can be used on surfaces or volumetric imaging data. This new similarity measure is computed using a fast generalized Sinkhorn algorithm. We apply this new metric in the LDDMM framework on synthetic and real data, fibres bundles and surfaces and show that better matching results are obtained.