Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Creation of the Team: 2012 January 01, updated into Project-Team: 2013 January 01

Section: Personnel

Research Scientists

Jean-Baptiste Pomet [Team leader, Inria, Senior Researcher, HDR]
Laetitia Giraldi [Inria, Researcher]

Faculty Members

Bernard Bonnard [Univ de Bourgogne, Professor, HDR]
Jean-Baptiste Caillau [Univ Côte d'Azur, Professor, HDR]
Ludovic Rifford [Univ Côte d'Azur, Professor, HDR]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Lamberto Dell'Elce [Inria, from Jan 2017]
Walid Djema [Inria, from Dec 2017, part-time with project-team BIOCORE]

PhD Students

Zeinab Badreddine [Univ de Bourgogne, until Dec 2017]
Alice Nolot [Univ de Bourgogne]
Karine Sérier [Univ de Bourgogne, from Sep 2017]
Sébastien Fueyo [Univ Nice Sophia Antipolis, part time with project-team APICS (FACTAS as of 2018)]
Yacine El Alaoui-Faris [Inria, from Oct 2017]
Clément Moreau [Ecole Normale Supérieure Cachan, from Sep 2017]
Michael Orieux [Univ Dauphine Paris, from Sep 2015]


Yacine El Alaoui-Faris [Inria, from Mar 2017 until Sep 2017]

Administrative Assistant

Claire Senica [Inria]

External Collaborators

Thierry Dargent [Thales, from Oct 2013]
Joseph Gergaud [ENSEEIHT, from Oct 2013]
Jérémy Rouot [EPF Troyes, from Oct 2017]