Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Creation of the Project-Team: 2004 February 01, updated into Team: 2017 January 19, end of the Team: 2017 December 31

Section: Personnel

Research Scientists

Raouf Boutaba [Inria, International Chair, Advanced Research Position]
Olivier Festor [Univ de Lorraine, Senior Researcher, HDR]
Jérôme François [Inria, Researcher]
Dorin Maxim [Univ de Lorraine, Researcher]
Vassili Rivron [Inria, Researcher, until Aug 2017]

Faculty Members

Isabelle Chrisment [Team leader, Univ de Lorraine, Professor, HDR]
Laurent Andrey [Univ de Lorraine, Associate Professor]
Rémi Badonnel [Univ de Lorraine, Associate Professor]
Thibault Cholez [Univ de Lorraine, Associate Professor]
Laurent Ciarletta [Univ de Lorraine, Associate Professor]
Abdelkader Lahmadi [Univ de Lorraine, Associate Professor]
Emmanuel Nataf [Univ de Lorraine, Associate Professor]
Lucas Nussbaum [Univ de Lorraine, Associate Professor]
Ye-Qiong Song [Univ de Lorraine, Professor, HDR]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Benoit Henry [Univ de Lorraine, until Sep 2017]
Zhixiang Liu [Univ de Lorraine, until Aug 2017]

PhD Students

Elian Aubry [Univ de Lorraine, until Oct 2017]
Pierre-Olivier Brissaud [Thales]
Paul Chaignon [Orange Labs]
Maxime Compastié [Orange Labs]
Virgile Dauge [Univ de Lorraine, from Apr 2017]
Giulia de Santis [Inria]
Florian Greff [Thales & Univ. Lorraine, granted by CIFRE]
Patrick Kamgueu [Univ. Lorraine, granted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since Jun 2012, in co-supervision with Université de Yaounde]
Daishi Kondo [CNRS]
Mingxiao Ma [Univ de Lorraine, from Sep 2017 until Nov 2017]
Xavier Marchal [CNRS]
Thomas Paris [Univ de Lorraine]
Abdulqawi Saif [Xilopix, granted by CIFRE]
Nicolas Schnepf [Inria]
Salvatore Signorello [University of Luxembourg - Univ. Lorraine (co-advising)]
Evangelia Tsiontsiou [Univ de Lorraine, until Oct 2017]
Julien Vaubourg [Univ de Lorraine, until Aug 2017]
Louis Viard [Univ de Lorraine, from Nov 2017]
Haftay Gebreslasie Abreha [Cynapsys, granted by CIFRE]

Technical staff

Soline Blanc [Inria, from Sep 2017]
François Despaux [Univ de Lorraine]
Florent Didier [Inria]
Thomas Lacour [Inria, from Sep 2017]
Sofiane Lagraa [Inria, until Sep 2017]
Alexandre Merlin [Inria, from Mar 2017]
Yannick Presse [Inria, until Mar 2017, granted by EDF]
Loic Rouch [Inria]
Wazen Shbaïr [CNRS, until Apr 2017]
Alexandre Tan [Inria, until Mar 2017]
Shuguo Zhuo [Inria]
Arthur Garnier [Inria, until Aug 2017]


Petro Aksonenko [Univ de Lorraine]
Paul Arduin [Inria, from Jun 2017 until Aug 2017]
Souha Bel Haj Hassine [Univ de Lorraine, from Apr 2017 until Oct 2017]
Norhane Benkahla [Univ de Lorraine, from Oct 2017]
Yutian Chen [Inria, from Jun 2017 until Aug 2017]
Romain Deniaux [Univ de Lorraine, from Jun 2017 until Aug 2017]
Grégoire Domerc [Inria, from Jul 2017 until Sep 2017]
Laurent Evrard [Inria, from Sep 2017]
Arouna Ganou [Inria, from Jul 2017 until Sep 2017]
Mahdi Gharbi [Inria, from Jul 2017 until Aug 2017]
Lucas Gourmelon [Inria, from Apr 2017 until Jun 2017]
Abdellah Houmz [Internship UIR, from Nov 2017]
Maxime Josse [Univ de Lorraine, from Mar 2017 until Aug 2017]
John Mains [Univ de Lorraine, from May 2017 until Jun 2017]
Daniel Martin [Univ de Lorraine, until Feb 2017]
Arthur Perret [Inria, from Apr 2017 until Jul 2017]
Andrew Singletary [Univ de Lorraine, from May 2017 until Jul 2017]
Teddy Valette [Inria, from Apr 2017 until Jul 2017]
Mehdi Zakroum [Internship UIR, from Nov 2017]

Administrative Assistants

Isabelle Herlich [Inria]
Delphine Hubert [Univ de Lorraine]
Annick Jacquot [Inria]
Martine Kuhlmann [CNRS]
Sylvie Musilli [Univ de Lorraine]
Bertrand Wallrich [Inria]

Visiting Scientists

Juan Pablo Afman [Univ de Lorraine, from May 2017 until Jul 2017]
Thomas Gurriet [from May 2017 until Jul 2017]