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Section: New Software and Platforms


High-Order Average Precision SVM

Scientific Description: We consider the problem of using high-order information (for example, persons in the same image tend to perform the same action) to improve the accuracy of ranking (specifically, average precision). We develop two learning frameworks. The high-order binary SVM (HOB-SVM) optimizes a convex upper bound of the surrogate 0-1 loss function. The high-order average precision SVM (HOAP-SVM) optimizes a difference-of-convex upper bound on the average precision loss function.

Authors of the research paper: Puneet K. Dokania, A. Behl, C. V. Jawahar and M. Pawan Kumar

Functional Description: The software provides a convenient API for learning to rank with high-order information. The samples are ranked according to a score that is proportional to the difference of max-marginals of the positive and the negative class. The parameters of the score function are computed by minimizing an upper bound on the average precision loss. The software also provides an instantiation of the API for ranking samples according to their relevance to an action, using the poselet features. The following learning algorithms are included in the API:

(1) Multiclass-SVM (2) AP-SVM (3) High Order Binary SVM (HOB-SVM) (4) High Order AP-SVM (HOAP-SVM) (5) M4 Learning (unpublished work)

The API is developed in C/C++ by Puneet K. Dokania.