Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events Organisation

Member of the Organising Committees

Y. Penel and J. Sainte-Marie organised (with E. Fernández-Nieto) the workshop “An overview on free-surface flows” that took place at Inria on November 13th-14th and that gathered 35 researchers (from France, US, Italy, Spain).

B. Di Martino, J. Sainte-Marie and A. Mangeney organised the 5th EGRIN summer school that took place at Cargèse from May, 29th to June, 2nd and that gathered 40 researchers.

E. Audusse was a member of the organising committee of the 8th edition of the conference “Finite-Volume for Complex Applications” (June, 12th to 16th, Lille).

M. Parisot organises the monthly ANGE seminar. The program for 2017 comprises: H. Martin (Jan), J. Sainte-Marie (Feb), V. Desveaux (Mar), V. Mallet (Apr), B. Al Taki (Sep), C. Cancès (Oct), R. Ventura (Nov), V. Duchêne (Dec).

J. Salomon co-organises the LJLL-Inria meetings (twice a month). L. Boittin co-organises the Junior Seminar at Inria–Paris.

E. Audusse, C. Guichard and Y. Penel organised the welcome session for newly recruited researchers in mathematics on behalf of national research institutions (CNRS, Inria, SFdS, SMAI, SMF) on January, 23rd.

We finally mention that M. Parisot and J. Salomon will organise a workshop entitled “Scientific computing and optimisation processes for renewable energies” at Inria on January 2018.


Reviewer - Reviewing Activities
Table 1.
Member Journal
E. Audusse M2AN, Water
C. Guichard Springer Proc. Math., CRAS Mathematiques, Journal of Scientific Computing, Computers and Mathematics with Applications, Journal of Computational Physics, Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
V. Mallet JAMES, Atmospheric Environment
A. Mangeney JGR, GRL, GJI
M. Parisot ESAIM:ProcS, Springer Proc. Math., M2AN
Y. Penel Springer Proc. Math., Journal of Computational Physics
J. Sainte-Marie M2AN, Applied Mathematical Modelling, IJNMF, ANR, Journal of Scientific Computing

Invited Talks

Table 2.
Conference Location Month Members involved
Earth Sciences Durham (UK) January A. Mangeney
DD24 Svalbard (Norway) February J. Salomon
Workshop on reduced order methods for wind and marine current power Nice February J. Salomon
Entreprises pour l'environnement Paris March V. Mallet
Clifford lectures New-Orleans (USA) April J. Sainte-Marie
EGRIN (5th summer school) Cargèse June E. Audusse, L. Boittin, A. Mangeney, M. Parisot, Y. Penel
SMAI 2017 Ronce-les-Bains June F. Wahl
Forecasting and risk management for renewable energy Paris June V. Mallet
EGU Meeting “Environmental Seismology” Ohlstadt (Germany) June A. Mangeney
InterNoise Hong-Kong August V. Mallet
SIAM GS 2017 Erlangen (Germany) September E. Audusse, L. Boittin, F. Wahl
ENUMATH Voss (Norway) September J. Salomon
Euromech colloquium 588 Toulouse October L. Boittin
Workshop EDP-Normandie Caen October F. Wahl
Workshop on numerical schemes for low Mach number flows Toulouse November Y. Penel
UMEMA Torino (Italy) November V. Mallet
Numerical Methods for Shallow Water Equations and Related Models Shenzhen (China) November J. Sainte-Marie
NumWave Montpellier December E. Audusse, M. Parisot

Table 3.
Seminars Date Member
Clermont-Ferrand (Blaise Pascal) January B. Di Martino
Bordeaux (MathOcean) February E. Audusse, M. Parisot
Marne-la-Vallée (ENPC) February V. Mallet
Orléans (BRGM) April A. Mangeney
Tokyo (Earthquake Research Institute) October A. Mangeney
Saclay (CEA-LSCE) October V. Mallet

Leadership within the Scientific Community

Table 4.
Organisation People Duty
AMIES E. Godlewski Member of board
ANR V. Mallet Expert
CEREMADE lab council J. Salomon Member
CFEM E. Godlewski Director
EGRIN E. Audusse Correspondent (Paris 13)
B. Di Martino Correspondent (Corse)
N. Goutal Correspondent (EDF)
C. Guichard Correspondent (UPMC)
B. Haspot Correspondent (CEREMADE)
A. Mangeney Member of board
M. Parisot Correspondent (ANGE)
J. Sainte-Marie Scientific head
HCERES A. Mangeney Expert
LJLL E. Godlewski Deputy director
SMAI Y. Penel Member of board

A. Mangeney was a member of the hiring panel for a full professor position at Univ. Grenoble Alpes.

We also mention that V. Mallet and M. Parisot are members of the Inria committee of doctoral monitoring and that J. Salomon is in the committee for the next location of the centre Inria Paris (rue Barrault).