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Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Most of the members of ERABLE are Assistant / Associate or Full Professors and as such have a heavy load of teaching. Depending on the country, this represents between 150 to 192 hours in front of a class plus the additional work of preparing the courses and exams, and of correcting the latter. Many are also responsible for some of the university courses at the undergraduate or graduate levels.

More in detail:

Inria or CNRS Junior and senior researchers as well as PhD students and postdocs are also involved in teaching. Notably Alice Julien-Laferrière (PhD student) taught 6 hours (Jury PEL 4); Hélène Lopez-Maestre (PhD student) and Laura Urbini (PhD student) taught each 64 hours of Mathematics and Statistics at the Department of Biology (undergraduate students); Blerina Sinaimeri (Junior Inria Researcher) taught 12h in Discrete Mathematics at the Master of Modelling and Bioinformatics (BIM), INSA, University Lyon 1, as well as 24h at the Master 2 in Computer Science at the ENS Lyon; Fabrice Vavre taught 25h on symbiosis (L3, M1, M2, University Lyon 1, ENS Lyon, University of Poitiers).

Roberto Grossi also participated this year to the Olympiads in Informatics.


The following are the PhDs defended in ERABLE in 2016.


The following are the PhD or HDR juries to which members of ERABLE participated in 2016.