Overall Objectives
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: New Results

Semantics for shared-memory concurrency

Participants : Gurvan Cabon, David Cachera, David Pichardie.

Modern multicore processor architectures and compilers of shared-memory concurrent programming languages provide only weak memory consistency guarantees. A memory model specifies which write action can be seen by a read action between concurrent threads.

In a previous work on the Java memory model  [35], we defined in an axiomatic style, a memory model where we embed the reorderings of memory accesses directly in the semantics, so that formalizing optimizations and their correctness proof is easier.

This year, following a similar approach, we have studied the RMO (Relaxed- Memory Order) model. More precisely, we defined a new multibuffer operational semantics with write and read buffers. We also introduced an intermediate semantics inspired from Boudol et al.  [34], where actions are reordered within a single pipeline. Finally, another model formalizes the reordering semantics in an axiomatic way. We fully proved the equivalence between the first two models and present a methodology for the remaining part. This work has been published in an international workshop [23].