Overall Objectives
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: New Results

Semantic analysis of functional specifications of system software

Participants : Thomas Jensen, Oana Andreescu, Pauline Bolignano.

We have developed a static analysis for correlating input and output values in functional specifications, written in a functional, strongly typed, high-level specification formalism developed by the SME Prove & Run. In the context of interactive formal verification of complex systems, much effort is spent on proving the preservation of the system invariants. However, most operations have a localized effect on the system. Identifying correlations (in particular equalities) between input and output can substantially ease the proof burden for the programmer. Our correlation analysis is a flow-sensitive interprocedural analysis that handles arrays, structures and variant data types, and which computes a conservative approximation of the equality between sub-structures of input and of output fragments [27]. In a separate strand of work, we have used abstraction-based techniques for structuring and simplifying the proof of simulation between a high-level and a low-level specification of memory management algorithms in a hypervisor [22]. Both strands of work was carried out and validated on system software (a micro-kernel and a hypervisor) developed using the formal approach defined by Prove & Run.