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Research Program
Highlights of the Year
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Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

Socrate has strong collaboration with Orange Labs (point to point collaboration) and Alcatel Lucent through the Inria-alu common lab and the GreenTouch initiative.

Socrate also works with Sigfox a important french young company deploying the first cellular network operator dedicated to M2M and IoT. A bilateral cooperation with sigfox supported the PhD of Minh Tien Do and continues with the PhD of Yuqi Mo. Socrate has also regular collaboration with Hikob a start-up originated from the Citi laboratory providing sensor networks.

Socrate also collaborates with Euromedia group on advanced wireless techniques for sports events broadcasting systems.

Contractual Study - SigFox - “Standardization support” (2015-2016, 50 keuros)

SigFox is a French start-up deploying and exploiting a network for Internet of Things data collection. Their network is currently being deployed worldwide, and gaining more and more interest from customers. The network is based on a patented transmission protocol (Ultra Narrow Band and Random frequency multiple access), which is now entering standardisation process. The goal of this work is to support this standardization, by providing a deep analysis of the network performances.

CIFRE - SigFox - “Analysis and optimization of a bidirectional network based on UNB” (2015-2018, 50 keuros)

The goal of this thesis is to characterize and improve the network performance. To do so, the following tasks are envisioned:

  1. retransmissions strategies to reach a targeted QoS;

  2. feedback exploitation (acknowledgment);

  3. coherent detection of signals provided by all the base stations (spatial diversity exploitation); and

  4. nodes position estimation, and use of this knowledge in the access protocol.