Overall Objectives
Research Program
Highlights of the Year
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries



  1. Cedric Adjih currently advises Fatma Somaa, on ”handling mobility in routing in wireless sensor networks”, thesis started in 2013 and co-advised with Inès El Korbi (Institut Supérieur d'Informatique et de Gestion de Kairouan, Tunisie).

  2. Laurent Massoulie currently advises 2 PhD students: Lennart Gulikers and Remi Varloot.

  3. Emmanuel Baccelli currently advises 2 PhD students: Oliver Hahm, on ”Dependable IoT protocols and platforms”, (Nov. 2012-) and Hauke Petersen, on ”Holistic and generic IoT network stacks”, (Nov. 2013-).

  4. Aline Viana currently advises 3 PhD students: Felipe Domingos, on ”Identifying Social Attributes in VANETs” (January 2013-). Roni Shigueta, on ”Resource allocation in highly mobile wireless networks” (January 2012-). Guangshuo Chen, on ”Understanding and predicting human demanded content and mobility” (September 2014-).

  5. PhD completed: Eduardo Mucelli, ”Revealing new facets of humain behavior”, November 2011- May 2015. Advisor: Aline Carneiro Viana.


  1. Aline Viana was on the PhD jury of Filippo Rebecchi, ”Device-to-Device Data Offloading: From Model to Implementation”, Univ. Paris 6 - Sorbone Universite, September 2015;

  2. Aline Viana was on the PhD jury of N. R. Zema, ”Spontaneous mobility and autonomours (Re)configuration techiniques to support next generation networks”, Univ. of Reggio Calabria, April 2015;