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Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific events organisation

Philippe de Groote, Maxime Amblard have organised a workshop on the occasion of the award of a Doctor Honoris Causa degree from the Université de Lorraine( ).

Hans Kamp (Johan Anthony Willem Kamp) is a Dutch philosopher, linguist and logician. His work in formal semantics, most notably his Discourse Representation Theory, is widely used both in linguistics and in natural language processing. The workshop has focused on discourse semantics, especially on issues of its structure and dynamics, based on DRT.

It was held in the International Room of the MSH-Lorraine. The workshop was organised by Archives Poincaré, LORIA and ATILF, and it is supported by MSH-Lorraine, Université de Lorraine, CNRS and Inria.

Maxime Amblard organises the workshop (In)Cohérence du discours 2, with the SLAM project (Schizophrenia and Language: Analysis and Modelling).

The objective of the workshop was to discuss the latest advances in the modelling of discourses, in particular the kind held with pathological (e.g. schizophrenics). The adopted modelling paradigm is that of formal semantics, which falls within the scope of both linguistics and logic while also making ties to the philosophy of language.

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