Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Creation of the Project-Team: 2008 July 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Anne Canteaut [Team leader, Inria, Senior Researcher, HdR]
André Chailloux [Inria, Researcher]
Pascale Charpin [Emeritus, Senior Researcher, HdR]
Gaëtan Leurent [Inria, Starting Research position]
Anthony Leverrier [Inria, Researcher, on leave from Corps des Mines]
María Naya Plasencia [Inria, Researcher]
Nicolas Sendrier [Inria, Senior Researcher, HdR]
Jean-Pierre Tillich [Inria, Senior Researcher, HdR]

PhD Students

Marion Bellard [Min. de la Défense and Inria, until Jan. 2014]
Kaushik Chakraborty [Inria, from Oct 2014]
Julia Chaulet [Thales, from Feb 2014]
Adrien Hauteville [Univ. Limoges, from October 2014]
Virginie Lallemand [Inria]
Grégory Landais [Univ. Paris VI, until September 2014]
Denise Maurice [Univ. Cergy-Pontoise, until June 2014]
Joëlle Roué [Inria]
Audrey Tixier [Min. de la Défense]
Valentin Suder [Inria, until November 2014]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Nicky Mouha [FWO grant (Belgium), from July 2014]
Markku-Juhani Saarinen [ERCIM, Nov. 2014]

Administrative Assistant

Christelle Guiziou [Inria]


Kaushik Chakraborty [Inria, Internship, ISI Kolkata, May-June 2014]
Sébastien Duval [Inria, Internship, Telecom Paristech, from July to Dec. 2014]
Adrien Hauteville [Inria, Internship, Univ. Limoges, from March 2014 to August 2014]