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Section: New Software and Platforms


Participants : Masoud Saeida Ardekani, Dastagiri Reddy Malikireddy, Marc Shapiro [correspondent] .

A large family of distributed transactional protocols have a common structure, called Deferred Update Replication (DUR). DUR provides dependability by replicating data, and performance by not re-executing transactions but only applying their updates. Protocols of the DUR family differ only in behaviors of few generic functions. Based on this insight, we offer a generic DUR middleware, called G-DUR, along with a library of finely-optimized plug-in implementations of the required behaviors. This paper presents the middleware, the plugins, and an extensive experimental evaluation in a geo-replicated environment. Our empirical study shows that:

  1. G-DUR allows developers to implement various transactional protocols under 600 lines of code;

  2. It provides a fair, apples-to-apples comparison between transactional protocols;

  3. By replacing plugs-ins, developers can use G-DUR to understand bottlenecks in their protocols;

  4. This in turn enables the improvement of existing protocols; and

  5. Given a protocol, G-DUR helps evaluate the cost of ensuring various degrees of dependability.

G-DUR and the results of the comparison campaign are described in a paper to Middleware 2014 [33] . This research is supported in part by ConcoRDanT ANR project (Section  8.1.7 ) and by the FP7 grant SyncFree (Section ).

Jessy is freely available on github under under an Apache license.