Overall Objectives
Application Domains
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: New Software and Platforms


Omen+ is a password cracker following our previous work. It is used to guess possible passwords based on specific information about the target. It can also be used to check the strength of user password by effectively looking at the similarity of that password with both usual structures and information relative to the user, such as his name, birth date...

It is based on a Markov analysis of known passwords to build guesses. The previous work Omen needs to be cleaned in order to be scaled to real problems and to be distributed or transfered to the security community (maintainability): eventually it will become an open source software. The main challenge of Omen+ is to optimize the memory consumption.

The actual efficiency of that implementation in the cracking of passwords will be tested in the coming days. The processing of the personal information will be implemented before the end of January. The hardest part of that side of Omen+ will be the collection and classification of the information for a particular target.