Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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The team was known as PAROLE during the first semester of 2014, and as MULTISPEECH during the second semester of 2014. As Kamel Smaïli and David Langlois have moved to the LORIA team SMART, that they have created, in January 2014, and as Antoine Liutkus was recruited in January 2014, the core team (senior researchers, researchers, and associate professors) was the same over the whole year 2014.

Hence, this activity report covers the research activity of the team over the whole 2014 year (i.e., refers to PAROLE for the first semester, and to MULTISPEECH for the second semester). The research program presented in this activity report is the one of the MULTISPEECH proposal, and the new results are presented according to the corresponding research directions.

Creation of the Team: 2014 July 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Denis Jouvet [Team leader, Inria, Senior Researcher, HdR]
Anne Bonneau [CNRS, Researcher]
Dominique Fohr [CNRS, Researcher]
Yves Laprie [CNRS, Senior Researcher, HdR]
Antoine Liutkus [Inria, Researcher]
Emmanuel Vincent [Inria, Researcher, HdR]

Faculty Members

Vincent Colotte [Univ. Lorraine, Associate Professor]
Joseph Di Martino [Univ. Lorraine, Associate Professor]
Irina Illina [Univ. Lorraine, Associate Professor, HdR]
Odile Mella [Univ. Lorraine, Associate Professor]
Slim Ouni [Univ. Lorraine, Associate Professor, HdR]
Agnès Piquard-Kipffer [ESPE Lorraine, Associate Professor]


Ilef Ben Farhat [Inria]
Julie Busset [CNRS]
Antoine Chemardin [CNRS, from Oct 2014]
Yann Salaün [Inria, until Nov 2014]
Aghilas Sini [CNRS, from Nov 2014]

PhD Students

Baldwin Dumortier [Inria, from Jun 2014]
Arseniy Gorin [Inria]
Xabier Jaureguiberry [Institut Telecom]
Luiza Orosanu [Inria]
Imran Sheikh [Univ. Lorraine]
Nathan Souviraà-Labastie [Univ. Rennes 1]
Dung Tran [Inria]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Benjamin Elie [Inria]
Camille Fauth [CNRS, until Jul 2014]
Thibaut Fux [Inria, from Sep 2014]
Emad Girgis [Inria, from Nov 2014]

Visiting Scientists

Andrea Bandini [Univ. of Bologna, from Oct 2014]
Dayana Ribas [Advanced Technologies Application Center, La Habana, Cuba, from Sep 2014]

Administrative Assistants

Antoinette Courrier [CNRS]
Sylvie Musilli [Univ. Lorraine]
Helene Zganic [Inria]


Guillaume Gris [Ecole Polytechnique, from Mar 2014 until Jul 2014]
Simon Meoni [Univ. Lorraine, from Mar 2014 until Jun 2014]
Aghilas Sini [Univ. Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, from Mar 2014 until Aug 2014]