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Research Program
Application Domains
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Section: Research Program

Dynamic parallelization and optimization, virtual machine

Participants : Aravind Sukumaran-Rajam, Juan Manuel Martinez Caamaño, Jean-François Dollinger, Alexandra Jimborean, Philippe Clauss, Vincent Loechner, Alain Ketterlin.

This link in the programming chain has become essential with the advent of the new multicore architectures. Still being considered as secondary with mono-core architectures, dynamic analysis and optimization are now one of the keys for controling those new mechanisms complexity. From now on, performed instructions are not only dedicated to the application functionalities, but also to its control and its transformation, and so in its own interest. Behaving like a computer virus, such a process should rather be qualified as a “vitamin”. It perfectly knows the current characteristics of the execution environment and owns some qualitative information thanks to a behavior modeling process (issue 2). It appends a significant part of optimizing ability compared to a static compiler, while observing live resources availability evolution.