Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
New Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
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Section: New Results

Lur'e set-valued dynamical systems

Participants : Bernard Brogliato, Christophe Prieur.

Lur'e systems are quite popular in Automatic Control since the fifties. Set-valued Lur'e systems possess a static feedback nonlinearity that is a multivalued function. This study consists in the mathematical analysis (existence and uniqueness of solutions) and the stability analysis (Lyapunov stability, invariance principle) of classes of set-valued Lur'e systems, with applications in complementarity dynamical systems, relay systems, mechanical systems with dry friction, electrical circuits, etc. Our works in this field started in [62] . The results in [64] extend those in [63] with an accurate characterization of the maximal monotonicity of the central operator of these systems, which consists of a projection-like operator. Concrete and verifiable criteria are provided for the above classes (complementarity, relay systems). Results on state observers and output feedback control for classes of Lur'e systems (namely: Moreau's sweeping process of first and second order, and with prox-regular sets) are proposed in [29] , [44] , [34] . Therein the convexity is replaced by the far more general notion of prox-regularity, which destroys the monotonicity. The input to state stability of measure driven differential equations has been tackled in [22] , where some results from [29] are adapted.