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Section: New Results

Security for Virtualization and Clouds

Participants : Eddy Caron, Arnaud Lefray, Jonathan Rouzaud-Cornabas.

Our framework Security Aware Models for Clouds has two purposes. The first one is, for a client, to model an IaaS application composed of virtual machines, applications, datas and communications and specify the associated security requirements. The whole modelization is contained into a XML file. The second one is the scheduling. It takes as inputs application models (XML) and the infrastructure of the cloud (currently in XML) i.e. a hierarchical set of physical machines. The scheduler encapsulates applications into virtual machines when needed and then maps virtual machines onto physical machines. The result of this scheduling is a file with the mapping i.e. a list of (VM, PM) couples.

The scheduler, as a standalone engine, can be used as simulator. But it can be interfaced with a Cloud stack (e.g. OpenStack, OpenNebula) to act as a production scheduler. This inferfacing is achieved by dynamically inferring the infrastructure model from the Cloud database and applying the decision i.e the output mapping list. Furthermore, the security policies (as input) are splitted for local security enforcement on each physical machine.

Sam4C (Security-Aware Models For Clouds) is a twofold framework, namely Sam4C-Modeler and Sam4C-Scheduler. The first is dedicated to modeling an application with the tenant's virtual machines and network interconnection. The second is is a security-aware scheduler, meaning it overrides the basic default scheduler with mainly the following enhanced capabilities

We have designed a scheduling module called SPS. This module is designed to support all the operations concerning the Cloud. It is based on the OpenStack and extends OpenStack with security aspects to fulfil the requirements of Seed4C.