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Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

G. Markomanolis.
Performance Evaluation and Prediction of Parallel Applications, Ecole normale supérieure de lyon - ENS LYON, January 2014.

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

J. Bigot, Z. Hou, C. Pérez, V. Pichon.
A low level component model easing performance portability of HPC applications, in: Computing, December 2014, vol. 96, no 12, pp. 1115-1130. [ DOI : 10.1007/s00607-013-0368-3 ]
H. Casanova, F. Desprez, G. S. Markomanolis, F. Suter.
Simulation of MPI applications with time-independent traces, in: Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 2014. [ DOI : 10.1002/cpe.3278 ]
H. Casanova, A. Giersch, A. Legrand, M. Quinson, F. Suter.
Versatile, Scalable, and Accurate Simulation of Distributed Applications and Platforms, in: Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, June 2014, vol. 74, no 10, pp. 2899-2917. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.jpdc.2014.06.008 ]
L. B. Costa, H. Yang, E. Vairavanathan, A. Barros, K. Maheshwari, D. S. Katz, M. Wilde, M. Ripeanu, S. Al-Kiswany, G. Fedak.
The Case for Workflow-Aware Storage:An Opportunity Study, in: Journal of Grid Computing, June 2014, 19 p. [ DOI : 10.1007/s10723-014-9307-6 ]
M. E. M. Diouri, M. F. Dolz, O. Glück, L. Lefèvre, P. Alonso, S. Catalán, R. Mayo, E. S. Quintana-Ortí.
Assessing Power Monitoring Approaches for Energy and Power Analysis of Computers, in: Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems, June 2014, vol. 4, no 2, pp. 68-82.
R. Ferreira Da Silva, T. Glatard, F. Desprez.
Controlling fairness and task granularity in distributed, online, non-clairvoyant workflow executions, in: Journal of Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 2014, vol. 26, no 14, pp. 2347-2366. [ DOI : 10.1002/cpe.3303 ]
A.-C. Orgerie, M. Dias De Assuncao, L. Lefèvre.
A Survey on Techniques for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Large Scale Distributed Systems, in: ACM Computing Surveys, December 2014, vol. 46, no 4, 31 p.

International Conferences with Proceedings

A. Ben Cheikh, H. Abbes, G. Fedak.
Towards Privacy for MapReduce on Hybrid Clouds Using Information Dispersal Algorithm, in: Data Management in Cloud, Grid and P2P Systems (GLOBE), Munich, Germany, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, September 2014, vol. 8648. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-319-10067-8_4 ]
L. Bobelin, A. Bousquet, J. Briffaut, E. Caron, J.-F. Couturier, A. Lefray, J. Rouzaud-Cornabas, C. Toinard.
An Advanced Security-Aware Cloud Architecture, in: HPCS 2014 - The 2014 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation, Bologne, Italy, IEEE, July 2014.
R. Carpa, O. Glück, L. Lefevre.
Segment Routing based Traffic Engineering for Energy Efficient Backbone Networks, in: ANTS2014 : IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems, New Delhi, India, December 2014.
J. Pastor, M. Bertier, F. Desprez, A. Lèbre, F. Quesnel, C. Tedeschi.
Locality-aware Cooperation for VM Scheduling in Distributed Clouds, in: Euro-Par 2014, Porto, Portugal, August 2014.
F. Rossigneux, L. Lefevre, J.-P. Gelas, M. Dias De Assuncao.
A Generic and Extensible Framework for Monitoring Energy Consumption of OpenStack Clouds, in: The 4th IEEE International Conference on Sustainable Computing and Communications (Sustaincom 2014), Sydney, Australia, December 2014.
B. Tang, H. He, G. Fedak.
Parallel Data Processing in Dynamic Hybrid Computing Environment Using MapReduce, in: International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, Dalian, China, August 2014. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-319-11194-0_1 ]
G. L. Tsafack Chetsa, L. Lefevre, J.-M. Pierson, P. Stolf, G. Da Costa.
Application-Agnostic Framework for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Multiple HPC Subsystems, in: PDP2015 : 23rd Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Processing, Turku, Finland, March 2015.
V. Villebonnet, G. Da Costa, L. Lefevre, J.-M. Pierson, P. Stolf.
Towards Generalizing "Big.Little" for Energy Proportional HPC and Cloud Infrastructures, in: IEEE International Conference on Sustainable Computing and Communications (SustainCom 2014), Sydney, Australia, December 2014.

National Conferences with Proceedings

D. Balouek-Thomert, E. Caron, L. Lefèvre.
Gestion adaptative de l'énergie pour les infrastructures de type grappe ou nuage, in: Conférence d'informatique en Parallélisme, Architecture et Système (ComPAS), Neuchâtel, Switzerland, April 2014.

Conferences without Proceedings

A. Simonet.
Active Data : Un modèle pour représenter et programmer le cycle de vie des données distribuées, in: ComPAS'2014, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, April 2014.

Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

H. Arabnejad, J. Barbosa, F. Suter.
Fair Resource Sharing for Dynamic Scheduling of Workflows on Heterogeneous Systems, in: High-Performance Computing on Complex Environments, E. Jeannot, J. Zilinskas (editors), Parallel and Distributed Computing series, Wiley, June 2014.
E. Caron, F. Desprez, J. Rouzaud-Cornabas.
Smart Resources Allocation to improve Cloud Security, in: Security, Privacy and Trust in Cloud Systems, S. Nepal, M. Pathan (editors), Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014, vol. Part 1, pp. 103-143. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-642-38586-5_4 ]
M. E. M. Diouri, O. Glück, L. Lefèvre, J.-C. Mignot.
Providing Green Services in HPC Data Centers: A Methodology based on Energy Estimation, in: Handbook on Data Centers, S. U. Khan, A. Zomaya (editors), Springer, 2015.
C. Herzog, L. Lefevre, J.-M. Pierson.
Actors for Innovation in Green IT, in: ICT Innovations for Sustainability, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Springer, August 2014, vol. 310, pp. 49-67.
A. Lèbre, J. Pastor, M. Bertier, F. Desprez, J. Rouzaud-Cornabas, C. Tedeschi, A.-C. Orgerie, F. Quesnel, G. Fedak.
Beyond The Clouds, How Should Next Generation Utility Computing Infrastructures Be Designed?, in: Cloud Computing: Challenges, Limitations and R&D Solutions, Z. Mahmood (editor), Springer, November 2014.
G. L. Tsafack Chetsa, G. Da Costa, L. Lefevre, J.-M. Pierson, O. Ariel, B. Robert.
Energy aware approach for HPC systems, in: High-Performance Computing on Complex Environments, E. Jeannot, J. Zilinskas (editors), John Wiley & Sons, June 2014.

Internal Reports

A. Bsila, N. Ferry, G. Horn, T. Kirkham, M. Malawski, N. Parlavantzas, C. Pérez, J. Rouzaud-Cornabas, D. Romero, A. Rossini, A. Solberg, H. Song.
D3.1.1 - Upperware Prototype, March 2014.
Y. Caniou, E. Caron, G. Le Mahec, H. Nakada.
Data Management API within the GridRPC, June 2014, OGF Reference: GFD 186.
E. Caron, J. Rouzaud-Cornabas.
Improving users' isolation in IaaS: Virtual Machine Placement with Security Constraints, January 2014, no RR-8444.
F. Desprez, J.-L. Lucas-Simarro, R. Moreno Vozmediano, J. Rouzaud-Cornabas.
Image Transfer and Storage Cost Aware Brokering Strat. for Multiple Clouds, January 2014, no RR-8445, Cloud Brokering, Resource Allocation, Storage, Data Transfer, SimGrid Cloud Broker.
L. Pouilloux, J. Rouzaud-Cornabas.
Performance analysis and models for collocated VMs running on multi-core physical machines, February 2014, no RR-8473, 30 p.
J. C. Santos Dos Anjos, G. Fedak, C. Geyer.
BIGhybrid - A Toolkit for Simulating MapReduce on Hybrid Infrastructures, September 2014.

Other Publications

J. Richard.
Implementation and Evaluation of 3D FFT Parallel Algorithms Based on Software Component Model, LIP - ENS Lyon ; Orleans-Tours, September 2014, 50 p.
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