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Section: Software and Platforms


Participant : Christophe Desclaux.

ZONE-project provides a new, innovative way to follow news (figure 6 ). At its core, the system is aggregating news items from various RSS feeds. Using the power of Semantic Web we are able to efficiently tag & annotate each news.Those tags are the basis of filters. Filters allow users to see only news that are relevant. For instance users can retrieve all news containing a tag, or on the contrary never see news containing specific tags. Basically it means that each user can create custom news feeds according to his interests. Though it may be tedious for John Doe to build its own filters, thus it will be possible to exchange filters with other users, or read specific news feeds built by other users. This will enable users to create news group feed focused on specific topics such as technology, heath, industry, transport, agriculture, communication, environment, etc. This project won the Inria BoostYourCode 2012 contest which was created in order to promote free & open source software.

Figure 6. ZoneReador

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