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Section: Software and Platforms


Participants : Olivier Corby [correspondant] , Alban Gaignard, Fabien Gandon.

Corese (COnceptual REsource Search Engine) is a Semantic Web Factory. It enables users to load and process RDFS schemas, RDF data and query and update the graph base thus created by using the SPARQL 1.1 Query & Update Language (figure 1 ).

Furthermore, Corese query language integrates original features such as approximate search, extended Property Path, SQL or XPath. It provides a SPARQL based pretty printing language for RDF graphs and a SPARQL based Inference Rule Language for RDF. Corese also provides distributed federated query processing, thanks to a collaboration with Alban Gaignard and Johan Montagnat from CNRS I3S.

Corese is a Semantic Web Factory that enables us to design and develop Semantic Web applications; it is available for download. In the past, Corese received two software development grants (ADT) from Inria and in 2013 we have a new grant for two more years. Corese is registered at the APP and in 2007 we decided to distribute it as open source software under license CeCILL-C.

Corese is used and has been used in more than 60 applications, 24 PhD Thesis and is used for education by several institutions. It has been used in European projects such as Ontorule, Palette, SevenPro, SeaLife and in ANR projects such as Kolflow, Ginseng, Neurolog, VIP, ISICIL, e-WOK Hub. Corese is the Semantic Web engine of Discovery Hub and of the Semantic Web Import Plugin for Gephi visualization.

Figure 1. Corese

The work on Corese was published in [2] , [1] , [3] , [4] .

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