Overall Objectives
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Application Domains
Software and Platforms
New Results
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Section: Software and Platforms

The TLA+ proof system

Participants : Bhargav Bhatt, Stephan Merz [correspondent] , Hernán Vanzetto.

TLAPS, the TLA+ proof system, is a platform for developing and mechanically verifying proofs about TLA+ specifications. It is developed at the Joint MSR-Inria Centre. The TLA+ proof language is hierarchical and explicit. TLAPS consists of a proof manager that interprets the proof language and generates a collection of proof obligations that are sent to backend verifiers that include theorem provers, proof assistants, SMT solvers, and decision procedures.

The current version 1.2.1 of TLAPS was released in September 2013, it is distributed under a BSD-like license at . The prover currently handles the non-temporal part of TLA+ and can be used to prove safety, but not liveness properties. Its backends include a tableau prover for first-order logic, an encoding of TLA+ in the proof assistant Isabelle, and a backend for interfacing with SMT solvers. The SMT backend, developed in Nancy, has been further improved in 2013 and is now considered by users as the most useful backend prover for system verification. During his internship in the summer of 2013, Bhargav Bhatt helped design and implement a standard library of TLA+ theorems about functions, sequences, and finite sets that is now part of the TLAPS distribution. Development of support for temporal reasoning in TLAPS has started in late 2013.