Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Creation of the Project-Team: 2007 July 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Mohammad Ghavamzadeh [Inria, Researcher, on leave from Inria since October 2013, working in Adobe Research, San Jose, CA]
Alessandro Lazaric [Inria, Researcher]
Rémi Munos [Inria, Senior Researcher, full secondment with MSR (Boston) since July 2013 (until June 2014), HdR]
Daniil Ryabko [Inria, Researcher, HdR]
Michal Valko [Inria, Researcher]

Faculty Members

Philippe Preux [Team leader, Université Lille 3, Professor, HdR]
Pierre Chainais [Ecole Centrale Lille, Associate Professor, HdR]
Rémi Coulom [Université Lille 3, Associate Professor]
Emmanuel Duflos [Ecole Centrale Lille, Professor, HdR]
Romaric Gaudel [Université Lille 3, Associate Professor]
Jérémie Mary [Université Lille 3, Associate Professor]
Philippe Vanheeghe [Ecole Centrale Lille, Professor, HdR]


Romain Laby [Inria, granted by Technologies Broadcasting System, since Mar 2013 until Nov 2013]
Eoin Thomas [Inria, until Oct 2013]

PhD Students

Boris Baldassari [Squoring Technologies]
Victor Gabillon [Université Lille 1]
Frédéric Guillou [Inria, granted by Inria and Région Nord Pas de Calais, since Oct 2013]
Adrien Hoarau [Inria, granted by STREP/Complacs]
Azadeh Khaleghi [Inria, until Oct 2013]
Tomáš Kocák [Inria, granted by Inria, since Oct 2013]
Vincenzo Musco [Université Lille 1, granted by Université Lille 1 and Université Lille 3, since Oct 2013, also member of Adam team-project]
Sami Naamane [Orange Labs, until May 2013]
Olivier Nicol [Université Lille 1]
Amir Sani [Inria, granted by Inria and Région Nord Pas de Calais]
Marta Soare [Inria, granted by Inria and Région Nord Pas de Calais]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Raphael Fonteneau [FNRS, until Aug 2013]
Nathaniel Korda [Inria, granted by STREP/Complacs, until Sep 2013]
Prashanth Lakshmanrao Anantha Padmanabha [Inria, granted by STREP/Complacs]
Gergely Neu [Inria, granted by ERCIM and Inria, since Sep 2013]
Thanh Hai Nguyen [Inria, from Jan 2013 to Oct 2013]
Balázs Szörényi [Inria, granted by STREP/Complacs]

External Collaborator

Olivier Pietquin [Université Lille 1, Professor, since Oct 2013, HdR]

Visiting Scientists

Gabriel Dulac Arnold [Université Pierre & Marie Curie, PhD student at LIP'6, from Mar 2013 to May 2013]
Gunnar Kedenburg [Berlin Institute of Technology, PhD student at idalab, from Jun 2013 to Nov 2013]

Administrative Assistant

Amélie Supervielle [Inria]