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Software and Platforms
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Section: Software and Platforms

DiaSuite : a Development Environment for Sense/Compute/Control Applications

Participants : Charles Consel [correspondent] , Damien Martin-Guillerez, Milan Kabac, Paul Van Der Walt, Camille Manano, Adrien Carteron, Alexandre Spriet, Emilie Balland.

Despite much progress, developing a pervasive computing application remains a challenge because of a lack of conceptual frameworks and supporting tools. This challenge involves coping with heterogeneous devices, overcoming the intricacies of distributed systems technologies, working out an architecture for the application, encoding it in a program, writing specific code to test the application, and finally deploying it.

DiaSuite is a suite of tools covering the development life-cycle of a pervasive computing application:

This development cycle is summarized in the Figure 2 .

Figure 2. DiaSuite Development Cycle

See also the web page .

DiaSpec : a Domain-Specific Language for Networked Entities

The core of the DiaSuite development environment is the domain specific language called DiaSpec and its compiler DiaGen :

DiaSim : a Parametrized Simulator for Pervasive Computing Applications

Figure 3. A screenshot of the DiaSim simulator

Pervasive computing applications involve both software and integration concerns. This situation is problematic for testing pervasive computing applications because it requires acquiring, testing and interfacing a variety of software and hardware entities. This process can rapidly become costly and time-consuming when the target environment involves many entities.

To ease the testing of pervasive applications, we are developing a simulator for pervasive computing applications: DiaSim . To cope with widely heterogeneous entities, DiaSim is parameterized with respect to a DiaSpec specification describing a target pervasive computing environment. This description is used to generate with DiaGen both a programming framework to develop the simulation logic and an emulation layer to execute applications. Furthermore, a simulation renderer is coupled to DiaSim to allow a simulated pervasive system to be visually monitored and debugged. The simulation renderer is illustrated in Figure 3 .