Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Software and Platforms
New Results
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Creation of the Project-Team: 2005 September 08

Section: Members

Research Scientists

David Daney [Inria, Researcher, from Sept 2013]
Emilie Balland [Inria, Researcher, until Dec 2013]

Faculty Members

Charles Consel [IPB, Team Leader, Professor ENSEIRB, HdR]
Hélène Sauzéon [Inria, University Bordeaux Segalen, Associate Professor, on leave from University Bordeaux Segalen, from Sept 2012, HdR]


Julien Bruneau [Inria, Expert Engineer, until Dec 2013]
Damien Martin-Guillerez [Inria, Expert Engineer]
Adrien Carteron [Inria, OSEO Innovation, Associate Engineer, from Oct 2013]
Camille Manano [Inria, Associate Engineer, until Oct 2013]
Alexandre Spriet [Inria, Associate Engineer, from Oct 2013]
Geoffrey Escojido [UDCCAS, Ergonomist for the HomeAssist project, from Oct 2013 until Dec 2013]
Liliane Boulanger [Inria, School Assistant for the School+ project]

PhD Students

Lucile Dupuy [Inria, from Sept 2013]
Quentin Enard [Inria, until May 2013]
Charles Fage [Univ. Bordeaux Segalen]
Stéphanie Gatti [Thales, CIFRE, until May 2013]
Milan Kabac [Inria, OSEO Innovation]
Paul Van Der Walt [Inria]
Prashant Tsounil Arvind Pala [Univ. Bordeaux Segalen, until Dec 2013]

External Collaborator

Bernard N'Kaoua [University Bordeaux Segalen, Professor, University Bordeaux Segalen, HdR]

Administrative Assistant

Chrystel Plumejeau [Inria, Group Assistant]