Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Software and Platforms
New Results
Partnerships and Cooperations
Inria | Raweb 2013 | Exploratory Action
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Section: Application Domains

Tools for proofs in B

Set theory appears to be an appropriate theory for automated theorem provers based on Deduction modulo, in particular the several extensions of Zenon (Super Zenon and Zenon Modulo). Modeling techniques using set theory are therefore good candidates to assess these tools. This is what we have done with the B method whose formalism relies on set theory. A collaboration with Siemens has been developed to automatically verify the B proof rules of Atelier B [10] . From this work presented in the Doctoral dissertation of Mélanie Jacquel, the Super Zenon tool [5] has been designed in order to be able to reason modulo the B set theory. As a sequel of this work, we contribute to the BWare project whose aim is to provide a mechanized framework to support the automated verification of B proof obligations coming from the development of industrial applications. In this context, we have recently designed Zenon Modulo [22] , [23] (Pierre Halmagrand's PhD thesis, which has started on October 2013) to deal with the B set theory. In this work, the idea is to manually transform the B set theory into a theory modulo and provide it to Zenon Modulo in order to verify the proof obligations of the BWare project.