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New Results
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Section: New Results

Aggregation of temporal contact series into graph series

Participants : Christophe Crespelle, Eric Fleury, Yannick Léo.

We consider the problem of aggregating a temporal contact series into a series of graph. This consists in slicing time into time-windows of equal length and forming for each window the graph of the contacts occurred within it. The length chosen for the windows has a great impact on the properties of the graph series obtained. Then the key question that arises is: how one should choose the length of aggregation windows? In the master insternship of Yannick Léo (spring 2013), we designed a method to do so, by using the occupation rate of paths in the graph series. We have applied this method on several real-world data and obtained very good results. The method has also greatly beneficiated of a new notion of shortest dynamic paths that we developed during the master internship of Pierre-Alain Scribot (spring 2013).